So, you want to feel a little “sassy” today?

6 Jul

‘Then get spruced up

and laugh and dance

And turn away from worry

with sassy glance.‘

~ Weekend Glory by Maya Angelou

Welcome to my blog! Man, I hate that line. It’s so routine, so overused, so blasé. But honestly, what the heck are you supposed to say at the beginning? “Hi! I have PMS and am craving salt & chocolate at the same time! My nail polish is chipping, I have three loads of laundry to do, and I just got my bank statement in the mail!” Come on. That kind of fun doesn’t start for at least another week or so. At least not till the PMS really gets here

.So I guess the main reason why I’m doing this blog is because 1) I can make people laugh by telling them about my life and 2) I’m a glamour junkie. Now, you are asking yourself, “How do those go together?” They don’t. Not at all. Only when I put on a new sparkle eye shadow wrong and my eyes look like two disco balls, do the two intersect. But that doesn’t happen…well, not that often.

You’re going to find two things on this blog. The first is an occasional story or journal entry about something crazy that has happened recently in my life. What makes that so funny is it probably has happened to you, and you will find comfort and humor in knowing you are not alone. The second thing I’m going to do is discuss glamour-type girlie stuff. This will range in reviewing some of my favorite cosmetic items, tricks of the trade, new goodies and finds, and whatever else girls talk about over coffee at Starbucks.

I don’t have a regular 9 – 5 job. I can thank various health issues for that. Then again, my bickering teenage children, my endless doctor appointments, my cats’ constant hairballs, and my mother’s mission to discuss bowel habits 24/7 makes it almost impossible to have a normal day anyways. No wonder I medicate.

So I hope you enjoy this. Feel free to email me if you want to throw your two cents in about anything regarding cosmetics, fashion, or men. Don’t bother to try and throw your two cents about my mother though. You’ll need those two cents to put towards your therapy. My mother will do that to you.

Like what you see? Have some comments you’d like to share? Want to tell me you think I’m awesome or I’m as whacked as a feline on catnip? Feel free to email me. You can reach me by email at:

Ready to have some fun? Grab a cocktail and enjoy!


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