Letter From “The Editor” – New Year, New Me?

5 Jan

It’s that time of the year. The ball drops, the champagne pops, last year fades, and new goals and resolutions get made. I have to laugh a bit about one of my goals I had in 2010 and how life can be very unpredictable. Since I began “Tweeting” towards the end of 2010, I had told my husband I wanted to end the year with 100 followers on Twitter. Well, at 11:59pm on December 31st, I had 97 followers. I was more than pleased with that number and content with what I had achieved. I mean, they were Tweeps that I loved and was happy to have on board with me. However, when I woke up the next morning and checked my Twitter account, I was thrilled to find out I had gained ten new fans while I slept and awoke to 107 followers! Hmmm, funny how life works that way, isn’t it?

Now, with the New Year upon us, there are definitely things I’d like to change about myself and my life in 2011. I would like to be healthier… but, sadly, most of that is out of my hands. I would like to win the lottery… but that is kind of out of my control and more of a luck thing. I would like every day to be sunny, low humidity, and any where from 60-75 degrees…. but in New York, that’s almost a flat out joke.  And I’d like my husband to come home every day from work relaxed, happy and worry-free… but I think the other three things would need to happen first before that could ever be an option.

For the most part, I am pretty happy about where I am in my life. I think if I could share one piece of advice for the New Year, I would tell you to make your first resolution in 2011 be the following: be happy about where you are, in your life, right now! Even if your ultimate goal is to be someplace else—in destination, finances, personal achievements, career or love—it is important to be content about who and where you are as a person before you move upward and onward. You don’t have to like where you are, but you need to be accepting that this is where life has taken you. Ask yourself some questions:  How did you get there? Was it by choice? Could you be someplace else—better or worse? What accomplishments are you proud of? Who has made a difference in your life up until now? It is only when you have become accepting of where you are starting from, can you set a goal to be someplace else.

The year 2010 didn’t always bring good things my way. I didn’t change everything I wanted to. I didn’t achieve every goal I had set. But the fact is I was happy with where I was in my life as I ended the year. And with a clean slate of 365 days ahead of me this year, I ask myself:  What is next?  Here are a few things I will begin and continue to work on in the year 2011:

    1) Setting and achieving short term goals for a long-term gain
    2) Getting the proper rest and nutrition that will give me the energy I need to accomplish my daily tasks
    3) Refuse to settle into a comfort zone—take chances, put myself out there, and try new things that may not seem possible for me
    4) Share my thoughts and experiences with others, so they can be inspired or enlightened to continue to reach their own goals.
    5) Add more color into my closet and think outside of the black-n-white fashion box! (The fashionista in me had to throw that in.)
    6) Be more diligent and consistent in my blog posts.

I think it is important to assess your progress and dedication each month to the resolutions you have made and the goals you have set. Sometimes things change that make it necessary to adjust your list… especially if you have achieved some of your objectives.  If that is the case, you need to celebrate your victory and then raise the bar!

Wishing all of my blog followers and fashion friends a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2011!!


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