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The Most $$$ I’ve Ever Spent On Hairspray…

18 Mar

Before you ask, no the girl in the photo is not me. That is very close to my actual hair color though, but my tresses stay neatly flowing along my shoulders. There are times, however, I want to give my hair a jazzy look (but not that jazzy). Hey, I’m a big hairspray metal girl at heart and nothing makes me feel more young and wild than the look you get with a half a can of Aqua Net sprayed while hanging your head upside down with the blow dryer on high. Spray… scrunch. Spray…. scrunch. Some of you are nodding, as you think back to your days of your favorite acid washed jeans. You younger kids are just shaking their head thinking, “Ummm….huh?” Ask your mom. She’ll tell you.

Anyhoo, the fact of the matter is, when I want to hold a style in my hair for the day, I want a good hairspray. If you go to your local CVS, you could leave with a panic attack after seeing the various types, brands, sizes, formulas out there to hold your hair. Not to mention, the prices vary like you wouldn’t believe! I’ve paid as little as $1.00 and as much as $10.00 on a can of holding spray over the years. And there are some that cost even more! But nothing has really made me stop in awe at the results that I had gotten from the various ones I’ve tried.

That is…. until now.

About a month ago, I had the opportunity to get a mini can of a hair spray by Samy Style Hair Products called “Fat Hair Amplifying Hair Spray“. I knew it wasn’t a cheap product because the trial size was three times more than I usually paid for my regular hair spray. But I’m a sucker for good packaging and a deal, so I picked it up. OMG, I fell in love immediately. This stuff holds…. I mean HOLDS! Windy day?… no problem. Damp and rainy outside?… it will hold. This little miracle can became my savior for all my styles. Regular day do’s and formal up styles that need to be locked in place without worry. I didn’t even wait for the trial can to run out. The minute I saw it on sale at a local drug store, I was there with cash in hand.

Now, the fact of the matter is… I won’t lie…. a large can of this miracle hair spray does cost $12.99 at my local CVS. That’s the most money I’ve ever spent on hairspray in my life. But it WORKS. It smells nice. It holds better than a mixture of concrete and crazy glue put together. And it doesn’t make my hair look crispy, crusty or fried. My only complaint is that you have to run the nozzle under hot water about once a week because it does clog a big. But I guess if it’s going to hold your hair good, it’s going to hold up the sprayer a bit too.

Today, I had to buy another can of Samy’s Fat Hair Amplifying Hair Spray since the can I bought three months ago is beginning to run out. I don’t use it every day, but I think… I THINK…. Mr.Sassy might be using it sometimes (shhhh, don’t tell). I had a coupon for $5 off a CVS purchase so I got it for about $7.99. Doesn’t matter. It works, I love it, my hair loves it, that’s all that counts. I’ve already found a few other Samy product I like as well. (Their Icing Instant Re-styler is AWESOME!!) If I found something that worked as good as the Samy products did for less money?… I’d be willing to give them a try. But right now, this sassy redhead is a Samy Styling girl at heart!!

Samy Styling Product's "Fat Hair". Available at most drugstores and retail outlets for approx. $12.99