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The “Eyes” Have It!

19 Apr

Today, I got the glorious experience (said with sheer cynicism) to visit my eye doctor for my bi-yearly checkup. Because of meds I’m on and health conditions, it’s important for me to go every 6-9 months. I feel bad. You see, my eye doctor is my favorite doctor of them all (and I have quite a few). I’ve known him for over 23 years and he’s seen me through my marriages, babies, radio talk shows, sports, and now my blogging. He makes me smile, and I like to make him laugh. It’s good to have that kind of rapport with your doctor.

When he asked about my blogging today, I was excited to tell him I had my own domain name now. I’m my own “dot com” I boasted. Oh, he thought that was the cat’s meow. He wrote down the website to check it out and everything. I don’t what learning about Springtime accessorizing or the which all-day lip color would be best for him on rainy days, but I’m not one to turn away any of my fans. So, in honor of my favorite eye doctor, I will tell my Fashionistas fans the best way to wear your eye makeup when going to the eye doctor for a full appointment.

Most doctors will tell you not to wear any eye makeup at all, and in all honesty, they are right. But you see there are a few of us who can’t leave the house without our “face” on. So certain things you need to be aware of.

Let’s start with mascara. Waterproof, waterproof, waterproof. Don’t wear anything that is going to make your lashes too thick or will make it difficult to look comfortably in the little eye testie things. Plus after all the air poofing, dying your whites orange then jamming the blue rod into your eye, I guarantee you’ll be tearing. (Excited yet?) So you’ll want them to look great, natural and not smudge or run. Sassy’s Suggestion: Maybelline Volum’ Express One-By-One coats each lash without clumping, running or blotching. It keeps them looking nice and natural–for a long time!

Want some line to define? This is actually the product that can cause the most damage to your look–it gets wet, smudged and runny. Find a good eyeliner that claims to either be 24 hour or waterproof. My recommendation? I would use a liner that you sharpen yourself. There tends to be a bit more wax in them, keeping them on longer, and more resistant to water, drops or tears. Try avoiding lining the waterlines on your eyes too. It won’t last while everyone is poking around there. Make a nice crisp line along your bottom and top lashes, feathering the liner in between the lashes for a slightly bolder color. Sassy’s Suggestion: NYC New York Color Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil. It’s soft enough to go on without tugging the delicate area, but stays put while giving you that deep smooth color you want to outline your eyes!

Now, how about just a LITTLE color? Your eye doctor really doesn’t want to see your eye makeup looking like you want to leave his office and tear up the dance floor at Studio 54. Since everyone will have their hands on and in your eyes, you want to put on ONE neutral color so it won’t look a paint swatch mess when they are done, with maybe just a thin line of a darker color in the same family across the top lid and along the bottom lashes. Don’t use any eye shadow primer… the fewer the chemicals near your eyes, the better. And leave the glitter and sparkle for the after 5pm dinners. Plus you don’t want your eye techie digging out flecks the whole time. Sassy’s Suggestion: Maybelline Eye Studio Color Explosion in Caffeine. A nice neutral shade that will still give your eyes a bit of “wow”.

So there you have it…. 20/20 vision with no problems (except your pupils will be the size of dinner plates for a while) and eye makeup that stood up through it all. It will probably be the hardest makeup to keep on under the most extreme conditions so if you can still leave the office looking fabulous, you, my Fashionista friend, have done YOUR job and done it well. Congrats!