Sweets From My Sweet……

12 Feb


With Valentine’s Day only being days away, I couldn’t help but reflect on the beautiful gifts I have received from my true love, Mr. Sassy, over the past 13 years. For the most part, he’s been very traditional. I’ve received heart necklaces, diamond earrings, teddy bears, roses, tulips, and pretty stinky things from the bath store. And of course, he has given me my favorite gift in the whole wide Valentine world….chocolate. But my favorite gift from my husband came a little while back, which has now become a tradition that I love. It may no longer be a surprise but is something I look forward to each and every year.

About four years ago, my husband went to the craziness known as the local mall to get me a Valentine’s Day gift. Probably, like most men, he went the day before. I had mentioned to him that year I really did not want any big fancy gifts. We were going out to dinner, and the time with him was more than a treasure. Before we went out to dinner, though, he told me he had a little something for me. I had no clue what he might have, but he came out with a pretty gift bag. I fussed, saying I had told him not to get me anything, but he insisted he had to give me a little “treat”. When I opened it up, I was completely surprised. Inside, was two pounds of hand selected Godiva chocolates. I had never enjoyed Godiva’s before. But lord knows, as a woman? I knew all about those delectable tastes of paradise.

It didn’t take long to discover why this blissful chocolate pleasure is loved by so many. Just to look at them was an experience. The smooth, shiny, blemish-free chocolates were striking in color and design. After my first bite, I was truly in heaven. The crèmes, caramels, nuts, truffles and ganaches drenched in the richest milk, white and dark chocolates made me want to cancel my dinner reservations and just stay home and overdose on cocoa. The warmth of my mouth made each piece just melt into a wave of soothing silkiness. Price does not always make things better, but in regards to chocolate? I think it does make a world of difference. This was without a doubt the best chocolate I had ever had.

But, you see, the true joy of this gift did not end with the sugar high. As much as I loved the tasty treats that my husband took the time to select just for me, it was what he chose to put them in that meant even more. My Godiva’s were in a beautiful velvet and satin heart-shaped pillow box, adorned with sparkles and sequins. The box itself could have been the gift with nothing inside, it was so gorgeous. When the chocolates were gone, I decided to use the plush heart to store little keepsakes that I had collected throughout the year. Inside I put corks from celebratory bottles of wine, cards, pictures, receipts, napkins, etc. Not only were my precious memories kept together, but they were kept inside a memory itself.

Ever since that Valentine’s Day, my husband has made it a tradition to get me a box of chocolates thatheart are bundled inside an exquisitely designed box. The chocolates may differ each year, but the sweetness of the love behind them remains the same. In my room, I have each heart of years passed and often look inside to reminisce about the fun times we had. I treasure each one and look forward to surrounding myself with an increasing number of beautiful hearts that will overflow with remembrances of all of the special times I’ve had with Mr. Sassy.

…I just hope the chocolates don’t increase the number in my jeans size and make them overflow as well!


One Response to “Sweets From My Sweet……”

  1. boe February 13, 2009 at 5:26 am #

    bet you have an expected “addition” in your room this 14th :). Happy to see you both in love. God bless you both.


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