1st Annual “Sassy’s Slammin’ Style Awards” (part one)

25 Feb

Recently, the little gold man known as Oscar was presented to different people for their participation in this year’s best films at the 81st Annual Academy Awards. They were given to the people who make the sound perfect, the makeup flawless, the costumes beautiful, the story amazing, and the characters captivating. If you think about it, there are participants in our daily life that makes us the red-carpet divas that we are as well. And many of them should receive special awards. So today marks the beginning of the annual “Sassy’s Slammin’ Style Awards”, given to the items that became a part of my life during the year that make me feel like the fashionista that I am (well, in my own mind). Today, we will cover clothing and accessories:


purseBest Performance By A Designer Purse…

Newbury Woven Embossed Metallic Python Demi Bag by Michael Kors – Made from woven pewter patent leather, this little purse screams style. It’s definitely classy for formal wear, but I really love how it jazzes up a jeans ensemble to bring it to that designer level. I found this on sale at Zappos.com, but unfortunately it has since sold out. It was a bit steep in price, but for a Kors bag, it was a steal.



jessicashoesBest Performance By A Designer Pair Of Shoes…

Berries Glass Croco by Jessica SimpsonThe majority of my shoes… okay, all of my shoes… are either black, brown or white sneakers. When I had the opportunity to land this pair of bold-colored pumps, I had to go for it. I remember when the deliveryman dropped them off at my door a few months ago. I opened the box and just like a scene from Sex And The City, I picked up a shoe and said, “Hellooooo, lover!” My bold colored shoes are a bit taller than I am used to, but are still very comfortable and surprisingly easy to walk in. (Available at shoebuy.com)



jeansBest Performance By A Pair of Jeans…

Z co. Skinny Jeans in Indigo – There is absolutely nothing worse than a pair of jeans that doesn’t fit right. Too short in the crotch, too tight in the thighs, too loose in the waist but too tight in the hips. It’s enough to drive you crazy. On the other hand, there is absolutely nothing better than a pair of jeans that fits right everywhere! I found my Z co. jeans at Macy’s and loved them so much I bought three pairs in three different shades. I will admit, I don’t get a great fit in the black or the stonewashed, but the indigo pair would be worn by me everyday (as long as it’s not a sneakers kind of day. Sneakers + skinny jeans = fashion faux pas!) I’d buy another pair, but I’m not sure if skinny jeans will be in style next season, so I don’t want to go overboard. But for what I paid, they were definitely a treasure! (Available at Macys)



boobs1Best Performance In A “Supporting” Role…

Hollywood Exxtreme Cleavage Bra – It is pretty obvious that I must have been holding the door when the natural breasts were being handed out. So I have no other option than to take what little breasts I was blessed with and make them work in the low-cut and tight-fitting tops that are out there. A friend of mine (who is NOT lacking in the size of her girls) told me about these bras. I don’t know if she told me because she truly likes the bra or because she thought it was the only thing that could help me. The underwire bra doesn’t ride up which for teeny me, is a fabulous thing. They are lightly padded and push and pull everything I have into all the right places. Plus, they come in a range of sexy colors to make you feel all frisky. This will be my bra for life! (Available at Fredericks.com)



necklace2Best Visual Effects (By A Piece Of Jewelry)…

Cherie Dori Add-A-Bead Necklace – When I went to have one of my rings repaired at my favorite local jewelry store, I noticed a display of unique resin beads in different colors and sizes, sparkling in chains of gold, silver and even black leather cords. I immediately fell in love. I thought it was fabulous that one could design their own accessory depending on attire, event, mood or style. I told my husband about this little find, and I was thrilled to find it in my stocking some Christmastime. My husband went with the holiday theme and gave me large and small green, white and red beads strung on a white gold chain. Over the past few months, I have added other glamour beads in various colors for fancy occasions, and I have also picked up a leather cord to string them on for casual daily wear. It’s fun creating a whole new piece of jewelry each time which undoubtedly can go with everything. (Available at fine jewelers, for locations inquire at http://www.cheriedori.com)


3 Responses to “1st Annual “Sassy’s Slammin’ Style Awards” (part one)”

  1. Detoxification Diets : October 30, 2010 at 2:21 pm #

    my girlfriend is very skinny that is why she likes skinny jeans and tight fitting trousers :


  2. Grover Pora November 18, 2010 at 9:00 am #

    sometimes skinny jeans are not comfortable to wear, i would always prefer to use loos jeans ““


  3. sassyauburn November 18, 2010 at 7:24 pm #

    As much as I like my skinny jeans (I like the way they tuck into stylish boots easier!), I will never give up my comfy cozy boot-cut jeans. I was scared when Macy’s told me they were slowly “moving the boot cuts out”, but now I see they are still holding their own! Thank goodness!


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