Are You Ready For Summer?

26 Jun

Last Friday, Mom’s Taxi Service took its last drive to and from the high school that my two children currently attend. No more finals. No more regents. No more, “Mom, I left my gym clothes in my locker and they really need to be washed.” Or worse, “Mom I left my lunch in my locker and I forgot the combination.” The kids are home for summer break. Now my job as a parent goes from driver/tutor/alarm clock to mediator/referee/bouncer. My son, 17, is a very keep-to-himself kind of kid. There is nothing wrong with that. The only problem is that when he does decide to be outgoing, it’s when he is out to annoy his sister. And my daughter, 15, is at the age where she is “finding herself”. And according to her, this cannot be done if her brother is within a centimeter of her room or her existence. I try to remind them that deep down they really do love each other dearly but they just don’t know it yet. They try to remind me that being an only child would have been just fine… for either of them.

With a little more “me” time and less stress, chaos and chauffeuring, I am excited that I can get to enjoy some of the luxuries that summer brings. Cool drinks on the deck. Sprinklers that can be turned on for something other than just watering a lawn. Cruising in the car with the sunroof open and windows down. For me that also means fun footwear, cool clothes, sexy scents, and light bright makeup hues. This year, there are many hot (and I don’t mean the temperature!) trends that are in, as well as some classic styles that are still a must-have in your ensemble. Looking fab-tastic in the summer doesn’t have to be a chore or expensive either. Just “kiss” the season… and keep it simple, sexy!! So, in honor of this sixth month and the official start of summer, here are six of my favorite new goodies that I couldn’t live without this season:

1. A good loose mineral foundation – My skin completely goes into oil overload the minute the thermometer starts its slow rise. Although a good oil mattifier is a necessity, for me so is a natural mineral foundation. You have to beware of mineral foundations that are sold on the retail level. Many of them contain only a small percentage of pure minerals and contain other irritating ingredients such as talc, bismuth oxychloride, preservatives and fragrance. These other additives can cause your skin to become red, itchy, can clog your pores causing break-outs and in some people can actually cause nose and throat irritation. Research your product carefully, and when possible try samples of different shades and formulas before you invest in one. Sassy’s Pick: L.A. Mineral’s Face Base (available in 20 shades of three great formulas), $19.95.

2. Waterproof mascara – Even if you aren’t planning on going swimming, the humid summer weather will make your lashes think you are doing non-stop laps in the pool. You want a mascara that is going to stay put no matter what the weather forecast is. I found that the problem with waterproof mascaras is that it can get a very clumpy, especially if you put on ore than one coat. A trick that I have found that not only helps keep my mascara looking fresh all day but also keeps my lashes curled and lush is by layering my mascara. First, I put on a light coat of lengthening mascara from about the middle of the lashes to the tips. After the mascara dries, I curl them with an eyelash curler. Then I put on a coat of waterproof thickening mascara from base to tip, including the bottom lashes. Sassy’s Picks: Avon’s Super Extend Mascara, $3.99; Avon’s Supershock Waterproof Mascara, $4.99. Both from or your local Avon representative.

3. A little pampering for your toes – Yup, it is sandal weather so your toenails need to stand out. Plus, having your footsies exposed to the elements takes its toll on a nice pedicure. Remember to keep your feet soft in between your pedi-pampering sessions by treating them with a rich moisturizer before bed. (For an extra treat, find one infused with peppermint—it helps keep them as well!) Then give them some flash with a color for the season. Not only do you want a color that has pop, but also one that has some stay-power too. Sassy’s Picks: Avon’s Foot Works Deep Moisture Cream, $4.00.; OPI’s “Go With The Flow-er” Nail Colour, $9.00. Sephora retailers or


4. Jazzy new sandals – Okay, your feet are looking pampered and lovely so it’s time to show them off. With the comeback of basic denim cut-offs and the boyfriend jeans, your footwear can be the fashion accessory to make your ho-hum look more chic and edgy. The colors and styles are endless so don’t be afraid to step away from the plain and ordinary. Hey… if Crayola can embrace over 64 colors, why can’t you?? And remember, you can be bold and still be comfortable! Sassy’s Pick: Colin Stuart’s Ruffled Sandal, $15.00.


5. A “not your ordinary” tank top – If you are like me, your dresser drawer is loaded with bland, single-colored tanks and camis to layer with other tops. But what happens when you want look hot and stay cool at the same time? Step outside of the blah box and go beyond the basics to really create a look that sizzles. With fashion embracing trims such as zippers, sequins, rosettes and ruffles, it is easy for someone to top off a pair of shorts or capris with lots flair. Sassy’s Picks: Tie-Dye Ruffled Cami , $16.50 and Sequined Tank Top, $22.50 Both from


6. A summer, flirty perfume – It has been a ritual of mine that a new season means a new scent. Very seldom will you catch me wearing the same scent two days in a row. And I have endless pretty glass bottles on my dresser to prove it! In the Spring, many magazines promote new fragrances that will be released in time for summer, and that is a great way to tease you into sampling something you’ll fall in love with. Sassy’s Pick: Eva by Eva Longoria, $45.00. Macy’s retailers or

Although it’s not in my list, PUH-LEEZE do yourself—and your skin—a favor and make sure you prepare it each and every day with a good sunscreen. There are endless brands with different formulas and SPFs for exactly what you need so don’t go without!! And don’t forget to sun protect the areas that often get forgotten: your lips —there is no pigment in your lips to prevent burning so find a good lip balm/color with a high SPF; your eye area—one of the first areas to show your age, so find a good eye cream for daytime wear that is safe for around the eyes; and your hands—even if it isn’t very sunny outside, rays still come through the windshield of the car and usually your hands are the closest to them so make sure you hand cream has an SPF as well. Take care of yourself, and your skin, and have a fabulous summer!!


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