Am I Trendy?….

30 Jul

This month, my daughter received the regular copy of her teen fashion magazine. Although I get my more age-appropriate mag-rags at the beginning of each month, I like to flip through my daughter’s, just to see if what is fashionable for my age is close to what is in for her age.  The fact is, just because I am old enough to be a mom, doesn’t mean I have to look like one.  And I also realize just because I feel like a teen at times doesn’t mean I get to dress like one.

Featured in my daughter’s magazine was a segment called “Cute Trends To Try”. Hmmm. This piqued my curiosity since I like to feature in my blog what is new and hot, not to mention this might help me out with what I need to look at for myself as the fall season gets closer. As I glanced through the featured items, I was not just shocked but also thrilled at what I saw. Almost everything highlighted was already in my fashion ensemble! This made me feel pretty darn good because this means my endless flipping through magazines, keeping track of what big-named designers are featuring on the runways, and my online research about what is new and upcoming is paying off.  I guess I have learned quite a bit over the years about style including developing an intuition about what is right-now trendy, what are classic essentials, and what might be hot in the future.

So what are these items that are must haves for all ages right now?  Here are a few:

Animal Print Mini: Okay, it’s a fact that not everyone is comfortable in a mini. Especially the ones that the younger generation is wearing. (Is short getting shorter or is it just me?) Animal prints have been in for a couple of years now but this year they are even bigger, and they are expanding into different areas of the closet. My animal print skirt is a more age-appropriate length, but still short enough to feel fun. I actually purchased it over ten years ago from my local Express department store. It went out of style, and I tucked it away. But now it is back. I will probably pair it with a pair of high boots or gladiator heels for the ultimate head-turning outfit!

Graphic Tees: Graphic t-shirts have been a hot fashion item for a couple of years now, but what is even hotter are tees sporting vintage bands. I can’t say that I still have any of my REO Speedwagon or Loverboy t-shirts from when I was in high school (thank heavens!) but I do have some great graphic shirts with a rock and roll theme to them. Last summer, I grabbed a few shirts with glitter guitars, abstract designs and other modern themes at my nearby mall. At the time, they cost me only a few dollars and now they are going to be priceless once again. I will leave the band shirts to the high schoolers, and I will grab the vivid tees with a little glitter and bling!!

Cropped Leather Biker Jacket: Oh baby, I’ve been holding out for this to be a hot trend for a while now. Some things never lose style and a well-made leather coat is one of them. The only thing that changes is its overall design. Over the past few years, the leather coat has been getting shorter and shorter.  This year, it seems like a basic cropped jacket with a little bit of jazz fits right in with that edgy, bad-girl look. I have a studded jacket that I landed at an online sale two years ago for what seemed like pennies to my wallet. It will be nice to break that out once again when that fall chill hits the air!

Slim Flannel ShirtEven though many styles from the 80’s keep sneaking back into today’s fashion trends, I am still a worshiper of the grunge fad of the 90’s. Although the laid back college look was more slouched and comfortable, you cannot deny the beauty of a soft flannel shirt with a pair of worn jeans. Last year I landed myself two of the most cozy flannel shirts from American Eagle during an after-Christmas sale. They are body hugging with a little fashion flair ruffle at the bottom, and came in colors to match anything. They will get some attention as a fashion-forward piece this year instead of just the house-frock shirt that I originally bought it for.

Worn-In Boyfriend Jeans: Every year I add about 2-3 pairs of jeans to my wardrobe, usually leaning more towards what is currently hot in the fashion world. Although the majority of my purchases lately have been of skinny jeans, I have never ditched the straight legged jeans that I got a few years back. Those jeans that were crisp and blue with nice even hems several years ago are now all worn and torn around the pockets and knees and will look GREAT this season when I cuff them at the bottom. Another thing I am not embarrassed to say: I do not hesitate to go to my local thrift or second hand store for jeans. (My favorite store is Plato’s Closet.) Their jeans have been broke in, worn out, shrunken and washed to exactly how I want them to feel and fit. Plus the price is so right, it’s almost wrong!

Stylish Leggings: After many years of being hidden away, leggings made an appearance last year and were welcomed whole heartedly. This year, the basic legging is still on the scene and is even being kicked up a notch. They can be found in different fabrics including denim and leather, showing off different prints such as florals and plaids, and sporting textures such as acid washed and velvet.  I think I will kick up the basic black and grey leggings I bought last year at a year-end clearance by matching them up with different tunic tops or boyfriend jackets then adding a pair of high boots or metallic flats.  This year’s legging possibilities are endless!

Vanity Glasses: My daughter told me last year that her BFF got a new pair of glasses. I said I wasn’t aware she needed them. My daughter informed me that she doesn’t… she just wears glasses to be “cool”.  Yeah, go ahead, process that one for a minute.  I have been wearing glasses since I was 12 years old. I always felt like a dork with my four eyes. In fact, when I was 16, I got contacts so I could be cool!!  When did that change?  Oh, I’ll tell you when… when big named fashion designers started making eclectic eyewear!  Okay, so the new glasses I got last month reek of chic—Coach frames complete with rhinestones—but I got them not because I wanted to be stylin’ and profilin’. I got them because I reached the point in my life where I needed bifocals. Eek.  I guess no matter how you look at it, my four-eyes are in style and fashionably funky!

With my closet organized and stylish fashions out in front, I am ready to be trendy. My job now is to set out and find what accessories will be in style with the current trends. Will the over-the-knee boot be back or will short ankle boots hit the scene?  Are open-toed boots catching fire?  Will the hobo still be the go-to bag or will the sparkly clutch take over?  Is neon out and exotic in? And don’t forget your jewelry! Will you need room in your drawers for some chunky cuff bracelets, oversized cocktail rings and layered-chain/textured necklaces?  We will have to see.  But keep your mind… and eyes!… open wide so you will know how to jazz up all of YOUR trendy outfits!


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