The Ten Day “You” Challenge

12 Nov

Earlier today, the above photo came across my Tumblr feed.
I liked it. It got me thinking. Usually, I like things that get me thinking. Without hesitation, I re-Tumbl’d it and committed myself to doing it. I figured I would write about it on my own personal blog because a) I am usually too busy blogging elsewhere to be here that much; b) it would give my followers some information about me; and c) it’s kind of like one of those online surveys which I am totally addicted to.

The first item on the list, of course, is ten secrets. Wow. Why couldn’t that be around two or three? TEN? I don’t even know if I have 10 secrets! I’m pretty much an open book and if you asked me a question, I’d probably answer you not just honestly but with more details than you’d ever want to know. Okay, so let’s get this thing rolling….

Ten Secrets

    1. I have an addiction to makeup. (Buying it, I mean)

    2. I ate frog’s legs once and did NOT think it tasted like chicken.

    3. I stole the back of an earring at my local discount store when I was 10 because I had lost one of mine. (See? I still feel guilty.)

    4. I dressed up in a school girl costume to get a job once. (Great story!)

    5. I lost my father in a boating accident when I was only 7… and I miss him every day.

    6. I have been diagnosed with not one but two auto-immune diseases, but still never hesitate to face each day with a smile.

    7. I have some pieces of clothing in my closet that are my daughter’s that she thinks just went “missing”.

    8. I lived three months in shelter for victims of domestic violence about 16 years ago, then became an advocate against violence towards women in my community.

    9. I had to buy a new pair of shoes once because I realized I left the house with two different ones on.

    10. I did not meet my husband at a horse race track like we used to tell everyone. I actually met him online in an AOL chat room.

Some of my “secrets” aren’t hidden to everyone–a few of my closest friends know about them. Many of my secrets, however, are probably a surprise to many. Did I disclose them to enlighten you or me? Nah. I just want people to know that in regards to some things?… I’m no different than anyone else. I’m just your average sassy fashion and glamour blogger–with a few challenges–chasing her dream…

… and I dare you to do the same!!


One Response to “The Ten Day “You” Challenge”

  1. Naveen November 20, 2011 at 2:27 pm #

    Well thanks a lot for sharing this. Now I’m thinking of writing something about myself in this way 🙂


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