The Ten Day “You” Challenge – Day 9

19 Nov

I never said that my Ten Day “You” Challenge would be done in exactly 10 days., now did I? Okay, so I’m a tad inconsistent (and noticeably lazy) lately. Work with me people….

Where were we? Oh, yeah, so today is Day 9–Nine Loves. This will certainly be easier than the ten secrets. I could put my husband down nine times but I’m sure that’s would not be very soul-searching of me. So, let’s dig a little deeper….

Nine Loves

    1. My fabulous husband

    2. My two great kids

    3. My kittie cats (all five–yes I said five–of them)

    4. Pistachio ice cream

    5. Fall

    6. Jeans (All brands, all styles, all prices!)

    7. Writing about makeup and fashion

    8. Designer handbags

    9. A fabulous steak dinner, complete with baked potato & sour cream

I probably could change the list each week — adding things some days, taking things off on others. The above nine, however, will always stay the same. Of course there is one thing I didn’t put down but I don’t think I should have to. In fact, it should be so much of a given that is should be everyone’s number one. And what is that great love?


That doesn’t mean you have to be a narcissist or egotistical. It just means you have to love who you are, what you are, where you’re at, and where you’re going. Getting to that point doesn’t happen in days, months or even years. In fact, many aren’t at that point yet at all. And that’s okay. For some it’s a work in progress, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Because the key word there to remember is this: progress.

I challenge all of you to enjoy your loves…. if possible, every day of your life!!


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