The Ten Day “You” Challenge – Day 5

11 Feb

This is turning into a one year challenge instead of 10 Days. I cannot seem to get through this list. What scares me is… when I do, what then? I’m sure I’ll always have something to write about. Hell, I was on the radio for over a year and I never was at a loss for words or topics then. The makeup and fashion industry is always changing–I’ll always have something to write about there. And if I decide to write about men and/or Mr. Sassy? That alone is several months of material. For example, next week is Valentine’s Day and my husband is already done shopping for me. THAT is a book in itself!

Back to the challenge. Day Five: Five Foods. Easy peasy. I’m not a fussy eater, and because Mr. Sassy is in the food service industry, I am always exposed to fabulous and new things. I promised him–if I had never ate something before and he says to just try it, I will. Because of that promise, I have ate frogs legs, caviar, raw clams, ceviche fish, squid ink pasta… I’ve tried my share! (And none of them ended up on my favorites list either!) But there are some things that are just my favorites. And I don’t think they’ll ever change:

Five Foods

    1. Steak — well aged, cooked medium, and tender enough to cut with a spoon.

    2. Alaskan King Crab Legs — steamed to perfection, with enough melted butter to grease the chassis of a Mac truck.

    3. Tempura Lobster Roll — I know of only one place near where I live who has this, and I wouldn’t order it any other place even if I did find it. It’s fabulous beyond words. Keep it up, 677 Prime!

    4. Creme Brulee — It takes a lot to really mess up a dessert of creme brulee but very few places can make it excellent. And I can remember where I have had excellent creme brulee! I love to try them all and compare!

    5. My Husband’s Chicken Francaise — Mr. Sassy is a fabulous cook, and he knows exactly how I like this dish. The more lemon, the better. Place it on a side of angel hair pasta and I’m in Heaven.

That was a breeze. Of course, now I’m hungry for everything on that list and I don’t have one of them around. Hmmmm, my choices right now are frozen Stouffer’s Macaroni & Beef, ice cream sandwiches, or maybe a Salisbury Steak with instant potatoes. At least no matter what I choose to eat for my main meal, I can be pampered with a fabulous dessert thanks to something I picked up while shopping yesterday–a strawberry-filled Godiva truffle candy bar. Now THAT can make even a pathetic meal worth eating!


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