The Ten Day “You Challenge – Day 6

23 Jan

I am trying like hell to stay on top of my promise to myself–to blog each day like it was a diary. I would have done this sooner, but between football and other work obligations, this got pushed to the end of the line. But have no fear, I’m here with Day 6. And considering how tired I am you just might get an interesting answer to today’s list.

Six Places, huh? Like places I want to go right now? Where would I like to go in my lifetime? Like geographical places… or events? Hmmm. Well, this is how I’ll put it:

Six Places

    1. NYC — to see the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, and actually see a designer’s show.

    2. Italy — so my husband can show me the beautiful sights that he talks about so often.

    3. The Bahamas — I’ve been there once, but it was simply so beautiful that I just want to go again.

    4. A Foo Fighter’s Concert — They are the Foo Fighters. Need I say anything else?

    5. Heinz Field — I want to see my Steelers play football, baby!

    6. Napa Valley — to experience a wine vacation like no other!

Hmmmm. That was easier than I thought. Okay Fashionista fans of Sasssy…. do you have any place special places you want to go someday? Doesn’t matter how big or how small, how far or how close. It’s about you! Share away!


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