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…With A Cherry On Top

23 Mar

I hate cherry flavored anything. Lollypops, cough syrup, popsickles. Blech. Not for me. But when we go beyond the flavor and get into the color? That’s a different story. My “taste” for cherry fashions is extrodinauire! My love for cherry-colored makeup is mind boggling! And cherry-colored accessories? Oh man, get me a chair, I have to sit down. With the spring season upon us, there couldn’t be a better time to show off this fabulous “out there” color.

In my book, cherry comes in three shades. Let’s break them down, shall we?:

Maraschino – You know, you order the hot fudge sundae with the cherry on top? That’s the color I’m talking about. Not a true red, more on the dark pink, cool hued side. It screams warm weather. Perfect for lips, nails and toes. You can even find some tres chic clothing that will really stand out in that color as well. Don’t miss out on this shade because you might think it’s too bold. It’s not…. it’s hot and it’s now! My favorite item: Milani Nail Laquer in Cherry Pie

True Cherry Red — This doesn’t differ too much from apple red, maybe just a bit darker. It is a neutral shade so it can go with anything. Perfect for the office, slamming for a night on the town. Dress up your blue jeans or turn heads in your black evening attire. No matter what you are wearing, there is a good chance if you are looking for some color, a good neutral cherry red will fit your need. My favorite item: Avon’s Shine Attract Lipstick in Cherry Pie

Black Cherry — Oh, this color is HOT! In clothes, shoes, accessories or makeup, this is one color that stands out on it’s own. Leaning way over to the deep cool shades, this purplish shade with a cherry red undertone keeps it looking mysterious yet sexy. Perfect for nightwear for the lips or all year round for nails and toes. Want to really give them a shocker? Use it as a liner for a smoky eye look with a ton of WOW! My favorite items: Pure Mineral EyeShadow & Liner in Black Cherry; Stilla’s Lip Glaze in Black Cherry

The fact of the matter is I am still not a fan of cherry “flavored” things. I LOVE the fruit and I’ll even do a bottle of Cherry Coke now and then. But that Robitussin cherry flavor? NO THANK YOU! So this fashionista is going to stick with the color this spring, not the flavor, and rock some killer looks….. with a cherry on top!!!!


Oh-So October…

24 Oct

Reasons Why I Love October:

1.   Digging out the extra blanket on that first chilly night.

2.   Goodbye bright summer fashion shades, hello rich warm hues.

3.   The smell of pumpkin and spice fragranced oils and candles.

4.   Being able to crack a window for a little cool, fresh air.

5.   Warm fresh apple pie.

6.   Watching the leaves turn bright colors that even Crayola couldn’t invent.

7.   No more oily skin from hot, humid days.

8.   Less lawn mowing.

9.   Long sweaters that cover a multitude of sins (and cookies).

10. Baseball playoffs!

11. The warm fuzzy robe and matching slippers.

12. Sorting through your kids’ bag of Halloween candy “for safety reasons”. (I’ve managed to convince my children that Charlston Chews, Baby Ruths, and Kit Kats are the root of all evil.)

Reasons Why I Hate October:

  1. Getting out of the shower on a freezing cold morning..

  2. Digging your warmer clothes out of the storage bins that are in the deep depths of your closet, that got covered in endless flip flops and sunny tote bags.

  3. Your rose bushes are no longer green.

  4. Chapped lips.

  5. Endless comfort foods that seem to go straight to your hips.

  6. Trick or treaters that don’t say “thank you”.

  7. Christmas decorations in the department stores BEFORE Halloween.

  8. Raking leaves non-stop.

  9. The hibernation of young, buff, shirtless landscapers. Sigh.

10. Baseball playoffs when your team doesn’t make it.

11. The beginning of cold and flu season, and little kids that feel the need to cough on you in the supermarket.

12. Candy corn (my husband said that).