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29 Aug

Hey Sassinistas!

I told you I was going to be doing a monthly post about what new makeup, glamour or fashion items I found the month before. This July Blog Post, I talked about products I fell in love with in July’s Faves including leggings, leave-in spray for your hair, mascara, body products and these great tinted lippies that help keep your lips smooth with nice color. Well, YOU have the chance to win a set of those awesome lippies from Ginger Bliss Bath Co.!

Ginger Bliss Bath Co. is a small, privately run business who does most of their business out of Etsy. When I needed a little color but a lot of moisture during a recent camping trip, I hunted around for something that would give me both. I bought Ginger Bliss’s lip tints as a set, mainly because the colors that were featured together were PERFECT for my skin tone. I was very happy to have been able to bring something to keep my lips in great shape with the perfect amount of color for casual, daily wear. After getting these lip tints, I found that the company has a lot of other natural, handmade products that interested me. Some of the things I think I will be trying soon are their face masks, mineral eye shadows, and more lip tints.

I will be giving away a set of the same three lip tints that I featured in my July’s Faves. They are great colors: Ruby Rave (subtle glistening red), Vixen (sheer bright wine), and Candy Pink (light, shimmery pink). All three of these shades go with almost all skin tones and keeps your lips feeling soft. Because they are moisturizing lip tints, they don’t always stay on for a long time. But because they are compact and easy to carry, it is easy to throw them in a purse, bag or pocket for quick application.

To win these three lippies is EASY PEASY! Just complete the following tasks:

1) Follow me on Instagram at @SassyAuburn
2) Subscribe to my blog here at SassyAuburn.com
3) Leave a comment on this blog post below about your current favorite lip product
4) Follow Ginger Bliss on Instagram at @GingerBlissNaturals

The contest will close at 11:59pm EST on September 29th. All entries must be completed by then. A winner will be selected on September 30 with a random number generator. After verification that they completed the requirements, the winner will be contacted via Instagram and announced on my blog!!

Let’s get our lips ready for fall with this great contest and fabulous products. Thanks again to Ginger Bliss Bath Co. for the super prize! And now?



‘Tis The Season… For Giveaways!!

11 Dec

imageEveryone is out and about doing holiday shopping, enjoying the pretty lights, or home wrapping gifts, making cookies, and–of course–getting stressed! Ugh. But have no fear… Sassy is here! I am going to calm your season’s stresses by giving you a chance to win goodies for your friends or family. Or–EVEN BETTER!–a giveaway to snag a goodie for yourself just because you are awesome and deserve it! So what is Sassy giving away this season? Three EPIC gift packs that any glamour guru would love to have! Three winners will be chosen (out of minimum of 25 entries) by random.org. You must complete the requirements to have your name entered. Once verified, you will be notified that you are in the running. If you want to be entered and cannot meet a requirement please contact me here and we will discuss it.

Ready to see the prizes? Here we go:

imageThe Art Of Color Gift Set from Paul Mitchell: If you or your bestie use color to enhance your hair’s natural shade, then this is a great holiday gift set! You will get: Color Protect® Daily Shampoo, 10.14 oz. and Color Protect® Daily Conditioner, 10.14 oz. Packaged in a cute box, this is a great gift for any diva who wants to have great products to take care of and extend the color in their hair!

imageForGoodnessGrape Strawberry Kisses Set: These are three of my favorite products from one of my favorite indie companies. Known for their unique balms, glosses, tints, scrubs and fabulously scented products, ForGoodnessGrape is my go-to lip company to keep my lips soft, conditioned, slick and colored. In this special set, I have included a Strawberry Sugar Lip Tint (a gentle strawberry scented & flavored frosted tint in a light pink shade), a Queen of Hearts Sugar Scrub that will gently exfoliate your lips during this rough weather, and a Strawberry Shortcake Lip Balm to keep them soft and healthy. Natural, organic and earth friendly ingredients are used in these American made goodies that are fun and healthy to use!

imageThe Art of Rejuvenation Gift Set from Paul Mitchell: Ahh! Tea Tree’s natural extracts and rejuvenating scents will turn your hair care routine into a sensory experience. It cleans your hair gently without heavy chemicals while stimulating your scalp to keep it healthy in any weather or season. The winner will receive Tea Tree Special Shampoo®, 10.14 oz., Tea Tree Special Conditioner®, 10.14 oz., and Tea Tree Firm Hold Gel®, 2.5 oz. This limited edition holiday set is a fabulous little extra for anyone special!

Okay, how do you get entered? You need to do a few things:

  1. Follow me, SassyAuburn, on Twitter by clicking here: SassyAuburn on Twitter
  2. Follow ForGoodnessGrape on Twitter by clicking here: 4GoodnessGrape on Twitter
  3. Follow Paul Mitchell on Twitter by clicking here: Paul Mitchell on Twitter
  4. Follow “ItsSassyAuburn” on Facebook by clicking here: SassyAuburn’s Facebook Page
  5. Comment on the Facebook “ItsSassyAuburn” post for this contest with your @Twitter name, a flavor lip balm you’d create if you could, and what you need to keep your hair healthy!

(If you do not have a Twitter account, email me for an alternate entry method)

Winners will be selected at random at 12:01am on 12/19 from the total entry collection. Make sure you share this contest with your friends and followers because there must be at least 25 entries. The more people we have participating, the more giveaways we can do in the future! I will confirm your entry on my Facebook page under this posting, so look for your name there as being entered.


Happy holidays and GOOD LUCK!!!

Free, Contest, Win, Goodies…. What Else Do You Need To Know?

16 Jul

imageSo… You’re entered into my fab contest to win a Sassy Set of goodies from ForGoodnessGrape, right? This is the last week to enter! Winner is picked next Monday….

….what? You haven’t entered yet? You’re not serious.


Let me remind you of the fabulous prize that is up for grabs on “The Sassy Is Right”:
You have a chance to win – FREE – a set of FGG‘s top products. ONE lucky winner will receive FGG’s most popular flavor–Lemon Cupcake–in a lip candy lip balm and sugary lip scrub. And…AND… because I am such a cool blogger and you luuuuuuuuuv me, I am also adding a “Kate” Lip Tintx–a peachy-pink moisturizing lip tint with a hint of golden sparkle. Face it…. you know you want this! “Oh Sassy, this is soooo cool! And you are so awesome! How do I enter?” Well you can check out my last blogpost for details OR follow the instructions below. It’s easy-peasy:

1. FOLLOW SassyAuburn on Twitter here: https://mobile.twitter.com/sassyauburn (@sassyauburn)
2. FOLLOW ForGoodnessGrape on Twitter here: https://mobile.twitter.com/4goodnessgrape (@4GoodnessGrape)
3. LEAVE A COMMENT HERE (go ahead, click it!) answering this question: If you could create your own lip balm flavor, what would it be??

(If you DON’T have a Twitter account, you can “Contact Sassy” above and I will let you know what you can substitute that with.)

Now, maybe you already are a fan of FGG products. Maybe you already entered and just can’t wait to see if you won. You need a balm fix NOW! I feel ya. Okay, let me sweeten the tea just a little bit more:

Thanks to the fabalicious Lisa from ForGoodnessGrape, you can order your fave lip balms, scrubs, tints and then-some and get 15% OFF…. let me spell that out… FIFTEEN PERCENT OFF!…. just by using the coupon code “SASSY” at checkout. No, I’m not kidding. But I’m telling ya, you gotta get moving!

You now have less than a week. Let’s get entered in the contest then jump over to FGG’s website and use that discount code before your lips start to cry. Oh they will. Trust me. And it won’t be pretty–but they can be if you treat them right with some goodies!

If you have any problem getting entered, please “Contact Sassy” with the homepage link.

The clock is ticking….. GO!

Sassy’s Having A “Grape” Contest!!

8 Jul

imageOkay, I am sure all of you were so excited about my ForGoodnessGrape lip products review that you grabbed your laptop and ordered your favorite balms, scrubs and tints in seconds. Right? RIGHT? ……..WHAT? You didn’t? OMG, what is wrong with you people! I ordered my faves ASAP and they came today! I’ve been leaving random flavors around the house, in my purse, in my jeans, etc. just so I know I’ll always have one nearby. Now you can’t say you did the same did you? Tsk tsk.

Listen, Sassy is going to help you out a bit here. Don’t say I never do anything fun, okay? I am going to give you the opportunity to WIN a set of FGG’s top products to get your lips into phenom shape this season. ONE lucky winner will receive FGG’s most popular flavor–Lemon Cupcake–in a lip candy lip balm and sugary lip scrub. Plus, since those lips will be looking and feeling fabulous, I am also adding a “Kate” Lip Tintx–a peachy-pink moisturizing lip tint with a hint of golden royalty! I have these goodies myself and I absolutely LOVE them all. And I know you will too!

So, you want to win? Follow the instructions EXACTLY and your name will be entered into the drawing! Winner will be chosen randomly by an online program on JULY 29, 2013. (If any requirement is missing, sorry…your entry will be void.)

Here’s what you have to do:

1. FOLLOW SassyAuburn on Twitter here: https://mobile.twitter.com/sassyauburn (@sassyauburn)
2. FOLLOW ForGoodnessGrape on Twitter here: https://mobile.twitter.com/4goodnessgrape (@4Goodness Grape)
3. LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW answering this question: If you could create your own lip balm flavor, what would it be?? (I’ll even throw mine in to get you started!)

That’s it! Simple huh? If you DON’T have a Twitter account, you can “Contact Sassy” above and I will let you know what you can substitute that with.

So, you ready to play? I am SOOO excited to see what awesome lip balm flavors you come up with! Think fruits, think candies, think cookies, think cakes! Blend up your fave and get entered for a chance to win my Lemon Cupcake Shimmer Set! Remember contest ends on 7/28/13 @ 11:59pm EST, so get entered soon!


Getting Sample Crazy!!!

4 Oct

It is without a doubt that women love free samples. We act like it’s Christmas when we go to the mailbox and inside are colorful packets, tubes, bottles and squares of mini versions of what’s hot on the market. Sometimes we actually try them and like them so much that we go out and invest in the full sized product. Other times, we stash them in the bottom drawer of the bathroom for those “just in case” moments. Then there are times we just love the little buggers so much, we create a new name online and get more of the sample so we have something to put in our overnight bag.

 I recently asked a few of my blogger girlfriends to tell me where they go to get hot new samples. I also wanted to know what sample they got recently and fell in love with. Fell in love so hard that they actually wasted no time to go and buy the full sized product. I found that some discovered their new finds just recently, while others have been faithful after using the sample for many, many years. Here’s what they had to say:

Lancome’s Bi-Facil Double Action Eye Makeup Remover: “I got a small bottle [as] a gift with purchase and fell in love. It’s so gentle! I wear waterproof eye makeup every day and Bi-Facil makes it so easy to remove.” –Carol (age 48)

MD Skincare’s All-In-One Facial Cleanser With Toner: “Whenever I get samples of cleansers, I’m very hesitant to try them since my skin is so sensitive. I got a few sample packets when I was at my Sephora retail store a few weeks back. After one day I was in love! It’s very mild and can be used for all skin types. It’s cleans very thoroughly but is not drying at all. I bought the full size within a week! –Tammy (age 29)

Clinique All About Eyes Rich: “I swear, that stuff helped me get over a black eye fairly quick! I did buy the full size.” –1shell1

Beauty Bliss Cosmetic’s Original Mineral Foundation: “I told my friend I was in search of a good loose mineral foundation without any talc in it, because my face had become super sensitive. She suggested I try BBC’s foundation. It isn’t available in retail stores and can only be bought online. They offer samples of ANY of their mineral products at only $1.25 each. And the samples come in decent-sized jars! It’s nice to be able to try different shades without investing a ton. This foundation is amazing. Great coverage and I can match my skin tone perfectly. I’ll never use anything else.” –Lyn (age 42)

 Clinique’s Naturally Glossy Mascara: “I remember going to the mall with my Aunt when I was about 14 and she gave me the gift she got with her purchase. In it was a little green tube…and I tried it on in the car, I was in love. It was smooth and shiny and clump free and so black. I bought my first full sized tube not long after that, and that slim silver tube has occupied my makeup drawer ever since!” -Sally (age 25)

mark. Eye Shadows: “I have had bad luck with eye shadows not lasting so without the samples I most likely would not have tried them. These are really the best.” –Melissa (age 31)

mark. Glow Baby Glow Lip Gloss: I got the sample of [this lip gloss] and ordered the full size. It lasts, has a natural color, and a great minty smell.” –Four4Me

Make Up For Ever’s HD Microfinish Powder: “When I got my sample…I almost gave it away but after using it I can’t imagine I went without before. I ordered the full size.” – Melissa (age 31) and “I love the MUFE HD powder too! I was a bit skeptical of the whiteness–but it’s really a great powder, I won’t use anything else now.” –Coalieluv

Bumble & Bumble’s Prep Spray, Thickening Spray & Thickening Shampoo: “My salon in Maine converted to a B&B salon and my stylist gave me a few samples to try. I’ve been hooked ever since. Prep Spray is my HG [holy grail] hair product. And I don’t even want to know what my hair would look like without Thickening Spray at the roots.” –Nicole (age 31)

Vera Wang’s Fragrance Princess: “I would smell the perfume all the time in magazine ads and every time I did, I would think to myself, ‘Man I MUST get some of this! It smells divine!’ It got to the point when I could just get a waft of it and I would immediately know it was Vera Wang Princess. I love the smell THAT much. So, I finally went and bought the biggest size Nordstroms had and I have never regretted it. It’s light, fresh and feminine, yet musky and sophisticated at the same time.” –Julie (age 22)

Very often you can find samples of all kinds of goodies at your local cosmetic stores or the counter at fine department stores. Don’t be afraid to ask! Many of the associates work on commission and your new addiction could be a bump in their paycheck meaning they’d be MORE than willing to help you out. If you aren’t out and about that much and find that your computer is your shopping heaven, click below to try out the following websites for cool samples too:

www.freesamplesblog.com (a great listing of free samples of ALL kinds!)
Wal-Mart Samples (everything from perfume to tampons—depends on the week)
Beauty Bliss Cosmetics (good sized, inexpensive samples of mineral foundation, blush & eye shadows)
mark. Cosmetics (if you ask nice, the rep may send you goodies!)
and of course… www.sephora.com (my favorite shopping heaven!)