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1st Annual “Sassy’s Slammin’ Style Awards” (part one)

25 Feb

Recently, the little gold man known as Oscar was presented to different people for their participation in this year’s best films at the 81st Annual Academy Awards. They were given to the people who make the sound perfect, the makeup flawless, the costumes beautiful, the story amazing, and the characters captivating. If you think about it, there are participants in our daily life that makes us the red-carpet divas that we are as well. And many of them should receive special awards. So today marks the beginning of the annual “Sassy’s Slammin’ Style Awards”, given to the items that became a part of my life during the year that make me feel like the fashionista that I am (well, in my own mind). Today, we will cover clothing and accessories:


purseBest Performance By A Designer Purse…

Newbury Woven Embossed Metallic Python Demi Bag by Michael Kors – Made from woven pewter patent leather, this little purse screams style. It’s definitely classy for formal wear, but I really love how it jazzes up a jeans ensemble to bring it to that designer level. I found this on sale at, but unfortunately it has since sold out. It was a bit steep in price, but for a Kors bag, it was a steal.



jessicashoesBest Performance By A Designer Pair Of Shoes…

Berries Glass Croco by Jessica SimpsonThe majority of my shoes… okay, all of my shoes… are either black, brown or white sneakers. When I had the opportunity to land this pair of bold-colored pumps, I had to go for it. I remember when the deliveryman dropped them off at my door a few months ago. I opened the box and just like a scene from Sex And The City, I picked up a shoe and said, “Hellooooo, lover!” My bold colored shoes are a bit taller than I am used to, but are still very comfortable and surprisingly easy to walk in. (Available at



jeansBest Performance By A Pair of Jeans…

Z co. Skinny Jeans in Indigo – There is absolutely nothing worse than a pair of jeans that doesn’t fit right. Too short in the crotch, too tight in the thighs, too loose in the waist but too tight in the hips. It’s enough to drive you crazy. On the other hand, there is absolutely nothing better than a pair of jeans that fits right everywhere! I found my Z co. jeans at Macy’s and loved them so much I bought three pairs in three different shades. I will admit, I don’t get a great fit in the black or the stonewashed, but the indigo pair would be worn by me everyday (as long as it’s not a sneakers kind of day. Sneakers + skinny jeans = fashion faux pas!) I’d buy another pair, but I’m not sure if skinny jeans will be in style next season, so I don’t want to go overboard. But for what I paid, they were definitely a treasure! (Available at Macys)



boobs1Best Performance In A “Supporting” Role…

Hollywood Exxtreme Cleavage Bra – It is pretty obvious that I must have been holding the door when the natural breasts were being handed out. So I have no other option than to take what little breasts I was blessed with and make them work in the low-cut and tight-fitting tops that are out there. A friend of mine (who is NOT lacking in the size of her girls) told me about these bras. I don’t know if she told me because she truly likes the bra or because she thought it was the only thing that could help me. The underwire bra doesn’t ride up which for teeny me, is a fabulous thing. They are lightly padded and push and pull everything I have into all the right places. Plus, they come in a range of sexy colors to make you feel all frisky. This will be my bra for life! (Available at



necklace2Best Visual Effects (By A Piece Of Jewelry)…

Cherie Dori Add-A-Bead Necklace – When I went to have one of my rings repaired at my favorite local jewelry store, I noticed a display of unique resin beads in different colors and sizes, sparkling in chains of gold, silver and even black leather cords. I immediately fell in love. I thought it was fabulous that one could design their own accessory depending on attire, event, mood or style. I told my husband about this little find, and I was thrilled to find it in my stocking some Christmastime. My husband went with the holiday theme and gave me large and small green, white and red beads strung on a white gold chain. Over the past few months, I have added other glamour beads in various colors for fancy occasions, and I have also picked up a leather cord to string them on for casual daily wear. It’s fun creating a whole new piece of jewelry each time which undoubtedly can go with everything. (Available at fine jewelers, for locations inquire at

Sweets From My Sweet……

12 Feb


With Valentine’s Day only being days away, I couldn’t help but reflect on the beautiful gifts I have received from my true love, Mr. Sassy, over the past 13 years. For the most part, he’s been very traditional. I’ve received heart necklaces, diamond earrings, teddy bears, roses, tulips, and pretty stinky things from the bath store. And of course, he has given me my favorite gift in the whole wide Valentine world….chocolate. But my favorite gift from my husband came a little while back, which has now become a tradition that I love. It may no longer be a surprise but is something I look forward to each and every year.

About four years ago, my husband went to the craziness known as the local mall to get me a Valentine’s Day gift. Probably, like most men, he went the day before. I had mentioned to him that year I really did not want any big fancy gifts. We were going out to dinner, and the time with him was more than a treasure. Before we went out to dinner, though, he told me he had a little something for me. I had no clue what he might have, but he came out with a pretty gift bag. I fussed, saying I had told him not to get me anything, but he insisted he had to give me a little “treat”. When I opened it up, I was completely surprised. Inside, was two pounds of hand selected Godiva chocolates. I had never enjoyed Godiva’s before. But lord knows, as a woman? I knew all about those delectable tastes of paradise.

It didn’t take long to discover why this blissful chocolate pleasure is loved by so many. Just to look at them was an experience. The smooth, shiny, blemish-free chocolates were striking in color and design. After my first bite, I was truly in heaven. The crèmes, caramels, nuts, truffles and ganaches drenched in the richest milk, white and dark chocolates made me want to cancel my dinner reservations and just stay home and overdose on cocoa. The warmth of my mouth made each piece just melt into a wave of soothing silkiness. Price does not always make things better, but in regards to chocolate? I think it does make a world of difference. This was without a doubt the best chocolate I had ever had.

But, you see, the true joy of this gift did not end with the sugar high. As much as I loved the tasty treats that my husband took the time to select just for me, it was what he chose to put them in that meant even more. My Godiva’s were in a beautiful velvet and satin heart-shaped pillow box, adorned with sparkles and sequins. The box itself could have been the gift with nothing inside, it was so gorgeous. When the chocolates were gone, I decided to use the plush heart to store little keepsakes that I had collected throughout the year. Inside I put corks from celebratory bottles of wine, cards, pictures, receipts, napkins, etc. Not only were my precious memories kept together, but they were kept inside a memory itself.

Ever since that Valentine’s Day, my husband has made it a tradition to get me a box of chocolates thatheart are bundled inside an exquisitely designed box. The chocolates may differ each year, but the sweetness of the love behind them remains the same. In my room, I have each heart of years passed and often look inside to reminisce about the fun times we had. I treasure each one and look forward to surrounding myself with an increasing number of beautiful hearts that will overflow with remembrances of all of the special times I’ve had with Mr. Sassy.

…I just hope the chocolates don’t increase the number in my jeans size and make them overflow as well!

My Foolproof Outfit….

5 Feb

When I wake up each morning, I check my humongous magnet calendar on my fridge to see what my day will consist of. Because of my laid back appointments and informal business endeavors, my daily style can be classified as “feminine casual” at best. I no longer have to don the pleated black pinstripe skirted suit, thank the heavens. Bye bye, I’ll be seein’ ya… glad to say I’ll no long be wearin’ya. I will say, though, that even when I am just home for the day working on odds and ends around the house, I always look presentable. I’m not saying I diva-tize myself from head to toe, but I do put on my face and look decent not just for the UPS man delivering my package of the day, moreso for myself.

So what does Sassy Auburn consider her foolproof outfit? An ensemble that is comfortable enough to allow me to comfortably move about, look approachable and easygoing and still enable me to look and feel current, sexy and feminine. And with the fashions available nowadays—at all price ranges—this is very easy to do.

Tomorrow I have what I would consider a “typical” day: I have dry cleaning to pick up and drop off, a visit to the market, a medical appointment in my big city, visit a former client, and depending on my son’s band practice schedule possibly a chauffeur roll to finish up the day. With the weather calm and seasonably cool, this is a perfect day for my foolproof outfit:


Z. Co. Stretch Skinny Jeans (indigo blue) – Saying it is hard to find a pair of jeans that fit me perfect is an understatement. If I get them to fit in the hips, then they are too big in the waist. If they fit in the waist, they are either too tight in the hips or too short in the crotch. I found these jeans in Macy’s about a month ago and fell in love with the fit immediately. I loved them so much, I bought three pairs: one in indigo, one in faded blue and one in black. I will say the indigo jeans fit more true to size with the others being a bit big, but they aren’t baggy big. Plus, it gives me a bit of “cheesecake space”, if you know what I mean. The dark color enables you to be totally casual with them or really dressy chic if you like. (Macy’s, $35)


Stargazer Knit Tunic – Nothing goes better with skinny jeans than a nicely fitted tunic, and there tunicdefinitely is a tunic for all seasons. During the cold months, sweaters with poet sleeves or belted waists make the cozy very jazzy. As the warmer weather soon approaches, the Spring will bring with it bright, flower colors and lightweight fabrics. This tunic is a bit of both worlds. The long sleeves, scoop neck and empire waist still gives this top flare during the cool months but the light stretchy fabric allows for comfort as well as style as the temps rise. The go-with-anything pattern and colors makes this a style-statement must have!  (, $79)


Bandolino Smiley Shoe Booties – When it comes to choosing shoes to accompany skinny jeans, you are pretty much safe with everything EXCEPT sneakers. (Don’t do it, don’t do it, just don’t do it). Pumps of all sorts (peep toed or closed), boots, sandals, ballerina flats or shoe booties can really give your outfit personality. My Smiley’s are smooth black leather oxford with a soft insole, a rounded toe and a medium height (2 ½“) stacked heel. Walking in these is easy and comfortable, even on slightly slippery walkways. Plus they lace up which allows you put on heavier socks when it’s really cold out. And these aren’t just for jeans anymore. They look sharp as heck with wool skirts and tights too! (, $62)


Guess? Gold Coast Satchel – I have to be honest, this isn’t the exact bag that I carry when I’m out handbag1gallivanting during my day, but it is pretty darn close. I love my black Guess handbag. The single, drop-down handle is the perfect length for me. It is long enough where I can toss it over my shoulder when my hands are full, but small enough to carry by hand so as not to break my arms. The size is big enough to keep just the necessities without turning it into a suitcase. Plus there are just the right number of compartments inside to hold my makeup, cell phone, etc. keep The big “G” on the front shows people that you know style, the price tag shows you know how to shop! (Boscovs, $56)


Daisy Fuentes Silver-Tone Hammered Necklace – I love love love this necklace. If I’m not sure what necklace to grab with my outfit for the day, this is my go-to bauble. The large hammered circles look casual yet stylish with any type of open-neck top or dress. This necklace doesn’t just draw attention, but is also expensive looking! (Kohl’s, $18 )


Marc Jacobs Daisy – This is the newest “make me feel pretty” fragrance in my collection. It’s soft, daisyfeminine and playful with a slight vintage edge. Notes of strawberry, violet leaves, grapefruit, gardenia and vanilla all intertwine to make you feel elegant but not too serious. And the bottle? How can you not love the whimsical design! What is great about Daisy is it doesn’t just come in the typical large spray bottle. It is also available in a purse-size spray with refill, a solid fragrance ring, a sparkle roll on, a rich body cream and a silky, shimmery body lotion. A little something for everyone. (available at most major department stores, beginning at $30)


John Fairchild once said, “‘Style’ is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma.” Orson Welles also wrote, “Create your own visual style…let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” You don’t have to be wearing any specific designer or drop a house payment to feel great about yourself. Look on line or grab a few fashion magazines and see what looks are hot right now. Then pretend you are five-years old some day and just play dress up… either at home, the mall or a thrift store. Mix, match, try, play, discover. Find out what gives you the WOW factor, then turn that discovery into something that is uniquely your own. That’s the kind of style that will make you feel like a million bucks every single day!!