Jumping On The Tweet Wagon….

10 Oct

It was inevitable…..

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a Facebook junkie. I upload photos of my family and trips frequently. I probably change my status three times a day or more. I also have over 2000 friends. Some are family, some are friends I went to school with, and many play the Facebook games I like. I have a well-stacked Mafia, my YoVille house is city chic, and I’m sitting pretty with Zynga poker chips. I do not, however, have any crops or animals in Farmville and I plan on keeping it that way. It has even been rumored that if you nag me enough to play Farmville, I will send my Mafia in to burn your crops and steal your animals. I will not admit or deny that is true, and if you ask me why Sassy’s Waste Management trucks are near your barns, I will tell you I know nothing about it.

Recently, my husband told me that he created a Twitter account. Initially I thought, “What the hell for?” I always thought that Tweeting was more of a way to stalk famous people you likes in a legal, acceptable way. I had never really gotten into “Tweeting” because I felt I could keep up with the people that I cared about on Facebook. But earlier this evening, I read in my latest Glamour magazine that in addition to following people, you can also follow brands. It was a stated that following your favorite brands on Twitter will enable you to “get pro tips, trends and special offers all in one place.” Ohhh, okay now, I’m all over that in a big way.

So today I created my Twitter account. In addition for me to keep track of what is hot and what is not in the fashion and glamour industry, I also think it will be a way to have my blog followers and fashionista friends see what hot items, deals, finds and steals I am running into while I am out and about doing Sassy things.

I encourage you all to follow me on Twitter!! Find me at:


Please make sure you let me know that you a fan of the blog too!

I know I haven’t been blogging as much as I used to, but I promise…. I will “Tweet” more than I blog. I tend to get very involved before I do a blog post. Lots of research with seasonal themes, pictures, designs, opinions, etc. Sometimes it becomes so drawn out, an entire season has passed before I finish my entry. What can I say… I’m a chatty, wordy kind of girl. Just ask my husband. He says I’m the only girl he knows that takes a half an hour to tell a 5 minute story. But since Twitter updates are more impromptu (and have a character limit to your Tweets… damn!), I will make them short and sweet. Plus, having my new iPhone will make this easy for me too!!

Tweet at you soon!!!


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