SO Not Your Mother’s Hair….

23 Apr


About a month ago, I started noticing a lot of Tweets about, to and from some company known only as “NYM”. Being a New Yorker, I just figured it had something to do with my state. But after a bit of research, I realized “NYM” stood for Not Your Mother’s, a brand of hair styling products that gives you salon-looking glam with an easy on the wallet price. Okay, no offense? But just about EVERY styling product claims that. So I’m like….okay, whatever. NEXT!

But the rave reviews kept coming in, through Facebook, through Twitter, through blogs everywhere. What was it that NYM’s products had that people loved? I had to find out the scoop. And the fabulous people at Not Your Mother’s were excited to tell me all about them, and to let me try a couple too!

not_your_mothers_kinkymovesThe first product I sampled was NYM’s “Kinky Moves” Curl Defining Hair Cream. Now, granted, it wasn’t easy for my daughter to handle a product named that to be on our vanity counter. (Even I had a thought or two when I looked at the label.–Shudders). But we moved along. I naturally have wavy hair, but it easily gets flat, frizzy or… just… bleh, sometimes for no reason. I’ve tried setting gels, mousses, curl enhancers–you name it–without much luck and not doing what the product promised. This Curl Defining Hair Cream not only said it would define and enhance naturally curly or wavy hair, but it also would de-frizz and detangle frazzled hair. Plus, thanks to the fabulous benefits of grape seed oil (love that stuff, read more about it here) that had been added to the product, the cream would add gloss, shine and UV protection benefits as well.

When I first used it after a regular shower, I immediately noticed its fabulous scent. I am a fanatic about the smell of hair products. I can’t stand it when hair styling products reeks of alcohol or artificial fragrances. If a product has natural, healthy ingredients in it, it should smell natural and healthy! This NYM’s product smelled of fresh grapes with a hint of jasmine. Yummy. It’s not a heavy or fake scent and I loved it. Okay, so like most people with, thick long hair, I figured I would need a substantial amount of the product to get the result I wanted, right? Ummm…..WRONG! Live and learn. A little more than a quarter-sized dollop is all I needed to rub into my hands and coat my damp hair, from roots to ends. After a comb through with a wide tooth comb, I messed my hair a bit with my fingertips and blew it dry upside down. The look I got was FABULOUS! My natural waves were full and bouncy, and not sticky and gooey. It felt soft and smelled good! I just used my fingers to style the full, wavy look I loved. Now I was ready to lock it in. But with what?….

not_your_mothers_shesatease…. with a Not Your Mother’s “She’s A Tease” Volumizing Hairspray, that’s what! Unlike my daughter, I love…LOOOOOOOVE…..the big hair rocker look. I grew up with it, I think it’s fun, and it is sooooo me! Back in the day, we used a can of alcohol/bug spray-smelling Aqua Net, freezing each spray with a hairbrush, curling iron and hair dryer giving us a look of full hair that would make any 80’s girl proud. Now, I like that full look still, but I don’t want the stickiness, the crazy-glue stiffness, the frizz and that chemical smell that reminded me of 9th grade science class. (“Stay away from the Bunsen burners, ladies!”) For years, I’ve been sniff testing hair sprays to find one that didn’t smell like moonshine, but still had good hold. “She’s A Tease” gives me everything I want in a hairspray: a firm hold, lift and volume and humidity resistance keeping the frizzies in check. In addition, NYM’s Volumizing Hairspray contains apple blossom and bamboo extract to strengthen your hair and give you extra volume with a nice scent. The hold is STRONG! You don’t have look for the formula that’s right for you…. there is one formula which works for everyone. A no brainier! This, by far, is my favorite hair spray on the market right now. An all-day manageable hold with a smell I love!

I am so glad I discovered this great brand. It’s not a line of products that will flood your TV with commercials or jam your magazines with luke-warm ads. But it is out in stores where you can get it and with salon results at drug store prices! Seriously, that is amazing. I think word of mouth is great advertising–honest and convincing–and I will certainly do my part to get the information about NYM’s products to fashionistas everywhere… they’re that good. You can find Not Your Mother’s “Kinky Moves” Curl Defining Hair Cream and “She’s A Tease” Volumizing Hairspray as well as other fabulous products in their line at stores in your area such as CVS, Target, Walmart and ULTA Beauty. To order online, you can find Not Your Mother’s products at, and The price for the items I tried is an extremely reasonable $6 each.

This Sassinista is telling you to run–not walk–to get Not Your Mother’s products to treat yourself and your hair to some fabulous styling and pampering. Don’t forget to follow them on Twitter and Facebook too! They often have deals and contests which is FAB! I love the products, my hair loves them, and I have found a way to keep my auburn tresses smelling and looking fab all day long. A salon look without the salon price? One word–awesome!


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