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Sassy’s Spring Six

8 Apr

Happy April, spring seekers!  Are you ready for the snow to be gone? Ready for some warmer days? Dying to get some of your warmer clothes out from hiding? Can you hear your sandals yelling, “Let me out! Let me out!”  Well, Sassinistas, that time is just about here! Granted, you will get a cold day and night once in a while, but for the most part you can feel the sun getting warmer each day and that is a fabulous, FABULOUS thing. Even though the seasons have changed, that hasn’t changed the fact that I can still find some great Sassy items for ALL seasons!  What six did I find during March?  Let’s see:

LorealCode1. L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Dark Spot Correcting & Illuminating Serum Corrector: Fact or fiction: An uneven facial skin tone effects how old you look. Fact! Oh, and not just a little… uneven skin tone can make you look as much as 10 years older!  It is important to help keep your skin looking young as long as you can however you can. L’Oreal’s Serum can help to correct and revitalize skin tone by lightening dark spots, age spots, sun damage and post acne marks. I noticed a difference in my skin tone in just two weeks. I never had major damage to my skin tone, but this product even brightened my dull skin to make it look younger. What I love to do? Mix two pumps of the L’Oreal Serum with a shake of my favorite mineral powder and I have a nice, light, creamy foundation that is keeping me young! (Available at most drug and retail stores, $24.99)

FriedaRed2. John Frieda Radiant Red Colour Protecting Shampoo & Conditioner: Most of us “gingers” (I actually don’t like that term, so that will be the only time you’ll see me use it here) try anything to keep our red locks looking bright & fresh. And it’s not easy. Last month I wrote how I’m hooked on using cranberry juice as a rinse to keep my red hair nourished and bright, but now I also found a daily shampoo and conditioner to help as well.  It nice knowing I’m using a hair product specifically for my hair color, to enhance its tones and prevents fading. Leave it to John Frieda–a hair genius–to develop daily use products to help not just specific hair concerns but also specific hair colors. The results I’ve had with this line is great. My bright red is staying bright even longer!! (Available at most drug and retail stores, $6.99 each)

RocketMascara3. Maybelline Volum’ Express ‘The Rocket’ Waterproof Mascara: Good lord, my middle make up drawer is starting to look a mascara graveyard. I could write a college paper on what mascaras don’t cut it, aren’t that great, haven’t got what it takes, or just plain suck. My list of mascaras I like is definitely a short one. The promotional hype on Maybelline’s new Rocket mascara is certainly eye-catching…probably because it is in every magazine, is seen frequently in TV ads, and is surround you at every corner when you are in the cosmetic department of every drug store. So, like, YEAH, I’m going to buy it because I’m still in search of the “ultimate” mascara. Fact is, this isn’t it. But don’t let that discourage you from buying it.  It actually has incredible stay power, with absolutely no smudging or flaking all day. Its small mini comb brush help to coat each lash while separating them. I would like it a bit more if I got more length from it, but for an everyday stay put mascara, it is worthy of being on the vanity! (Available at most drug and retail stores, $7.49)

JCHeart4. Juicy Couture’s Pave Heart & Toggle Luxe Necklace: Listen, being a sassinista goes way beyond just having your makeup and shoes looking good. Fashion and glamour starts on the inside and works its way out, from head to toe. Now, listen up here because this is very important. When you visit brand or company websites, most of them want you to sign up for their emails or e-newsletters. Your inner voice says, “Hellz to the no! I don’t want an inbox full of crap.” Let me say that maybe a good percentage is just blah-blah-blah, but every once in a while a contest, a coupon or a deal will come through that will make it all worth those repetitive deletes. And I landed one of those last month. Juicy Couture followers received an email stating they were having a Facebook Fan sale on one item at a ridiculously low price. So, wanting to see what it was, I ventured over to Facebook and checked out their page. Sure enough, there it was: they were having a sale for just Facebook fans on their pave heart and toggle necklace. It was available in three shades–gold, silver and rose gold. AND they were offering free shipping. This gorgeous necklace, regularly $70, was available FOR ONE DAY ONLY for $38. I was on it like a moth on a lightbulb. It was delivered in four days, beautifully packaged, and was accompanied with a tester perfume. Marketing emails can overrun your inbox, but sometimes it’s worth it’s weight in rosé gold! Seriously, create a gmail account for just fashion and beauty sites to keep them separate from the pictures of your Aunt Betty’s birthday party. You never know what surprises may come your way. (Sold out, but other great pieces available at juicycouture.com)

Vaseline5. Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer:  I’ll be honest: I really didn’t think a spray-on quick drying moisturizer would a) work; b) be useful; or c) work. (Did I say that already? Sorry.)  The thought behind it was remarkable. Spray on an all over moisturizer that would dry fast so you could get ready faster. Now, given, there are days when I like to take some time after a shower when I can really pamper myself with a nicely scented body butter, maybe with a bit of shimmer. Those are days I can allow the moisturizer to slowly soak in giving me time to relax and enjoy the experience. Then there are the days I hit the snooze button way too many times and I have to FLY! No time for a long relaxing shower, no time to select a soothing scented moisturizer to put on. No way, to-day! I gotta go!! That’s when I first tried the Vaseline® Spray & Go™ Moisturizer. Okay, gotta say, it was nice. Of course my skin didn’t have that luxurious creamy feel to it, but it was soft, smooth, and I was able to dress fast. I like that the moisturizer scents don’t collide with my perfumes too.  It’s a great way to give your skin the moisture it needs when time is of the essence! (Available at most drug and retail stores, $7.99)

Beer6. Beer  If you asked someone what they do with their left over beer, almost everyone will say, “What’s that?” Beer is a readily available drink which is a necessity during football games and college parties. But did you know it has a formula that is great for your hair? Do you care that you can put it on your head and not throw a ping-pong ball in it? If you do, then it will be helpful to know that there is protein in the malt and the hops in beer. These will coat, repair and replenish your hair making it soft and shiny. These natural ingredients are a great way to give your hair a shiny, full bounce. You can open a new can or use some leftovers…. it’s up to you. I do suggest, however, that you don’t use the beer in Uncle Larry’s red Solo Cup. You might lose a body part if you try that.  (Available at… well, hell, you know where to get beer.)

I couldn’t be happier to wish my blog lovers and Twitter followers a Happy Spring!  Remember, the sun is getting brighter and warmer so don’t forget your sunscreen and use this as a reason to go out and get yourself a pair a flashy, hawt sunglasses! Start fading in those great, bright spring colors into your closet and just enjoy the days we’ve been patiently waiting for!!



Valentine’s Day Treats…Man Style!

10 Feb

This Sunday, the holiday for lovers will be upon us. Malls are flooded with the usual red, white and pink items and ensembles including the sticky and sweet, the soft and cuddly, the fragrant and flowery, and the shiny and sparkly. Even if you can’t read a calendar, you’d really have to be a hermit crab—with shell in tow—to not know what day is right around the corner. Even with all the hints around, I have to sadly say, I’ve seen a few cracked hermit crab shells around February 15th in years gone by. And the shell looked like it had a nicely placed stiletto heel imprint too. Go figure.

Even though many men think this holiday is a retail-concocted façade to make them shell out ridiculous amounts of cash to materialistically show their affection, some women feel that it is a last-chance holiday for men to have a second chance after blowing it completely on Christmas. Yes, it is true, if you still have a place in bed after getting her the new and improved rug steamer this past holiday season, here’s your chance fellas to make up for lost ground. And maybe even lost time… if you get my drift.

But even though it is, without a doubt, a holiday where the focus seems to be on the women, I think many men would agree that the statement, “What about me?” can come into play. Sure, they want to feel loved and special too. They want to know their lady cares. They want to know that they are loved. They want to know they are their girl’s #1 squeeze. They just don’t want to know it with a three-foot teddy bear tied with a bunch of Mylar balloons and a wrapped pair of conversation candy hearts boxers. Okay, some may like that, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. I, in fact, think those boxers are damn cute myself. But I can’t picture Mr. Sassy acting genuinely excited if I was to have that delivered to his work as a gift.

So what else can you get the guy who isn’t a sicky-sweet gushy romantic on the day that revolves around hearts and goo? Well, I dove way back into my mind to remember what were some of the things I had gotten for Mr. Sassy over the years. Plus I had a little help from a friend or two with ideas of their own. Hopefully this will give you ladies a few leads before you tackle the mall:

• Meats & Cheeses –
Even though men love cheddar-topped hamburgers and strip steaks with gorgonzola butter, things like that can get a little messy in a gift box. Why not take a trip to your local market or specialty store and make up a tasty gift with various specialty protein-type items. Don’t forget things like different crackers and spreads too. Some of my favorite go-to treats include: Gruyere, Manchego, Smoked Gouda and Drunken Goat Cheese; Sopressata, Prosciutto, and even flavored beef jerky. For an extra special treat, throw in a nice wine that goes with the cheeses you’ve selected (do some online research) and make it a treat for you both!

• Cigars –
Not every guy likes to smoke, and even fewer wives and girlfriends like to see them smoke. Guys think there is something rich and soothing about a good cigar. Plus, it screams guy-time in the man-cave. Even I have to admit, I like a good rich smoke now and then (and yes I have the pictures to prove it!) If cigars are something you despise but he likes, then go out and spend a chunk of change and get him just one or two really good cigars. That way he won’t smoke them all the time around you and he’ll really take in the cigar’s flavor and appreciate the ones you got him. A few good choices that most guys would like are: Ashton VSG’s, Romeo y Julieta, or a Camacho Triple Maduro. For an extra bonus, get him a good scotch to go with it!

• A dozen of beers –
Yes, leave the roses for the females and get the guy twelve long-necked bottles of different and eclectic beers. It is hard to “mix and match” when it comes to flavors, but if you ladies have a couple of friends who like the idea, go in on it together. You and two girls can pick out six different 6-packs and each pull two of each pack to make a dozen. For different flavors from around the world, go to a local beer distributor for the best selection. Some ideas to look for are Belgian beers, sweet stouts, amber ales or Pilsners. Throw in a nice glass beer mug to make it a gift he’ll never forget.

• Magazine subscriptions –
This is a gift that really shows you care about him AND pay attention to his interests and hobbies. Plus he’ll be entertained all year ‘round. Is he a sports fanatic? …SI or ESPN the Magazine is a no-brainer. History buffs really enjoy National Geographic or Time. And don’t forget some other male favorites he might enjoy. Bon Appetit, Food and Wine, Cigar Aficionado, Esquire, Men’s Fitness, The New Yorker, and Maxim are all very popular choices. Take a trip to your local bookstore, go through the magazine department, and pull one of each magazine you think he’d like. Wrap them up with the filled out subscription card taped to the front of each, having them billed to you. He’ll love the sentiment.

If all of this has you even more confused about what to get your guy this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget… you can never go wrong with “a little bit of everything.” Go all out and give him a smorgasbord of goodies. Hell, no man will deny that variety is the spice of life. (In fact, that longing for variety gets them in too much trouble at times.. cough cough.) Grab a gift bag, basket or even a chip bowl works great too… especially one that has his favorite football or baseball team on it. Then start filling it up. For example, grab a brick of Merlot-flavored parmesan cheese and a stick of pepperoni, some whole-grain wheat crackers, a nice spicy honey mustard, a six pack of good ale, a couple of decent cigars, a nice travel coffee mug, a personalized beer mug, a subscription to Rolling Stone magazine, some gourmet caramel popcorn, and a few king-sized portions of his favorite candies or chocolate bars. Put them all in a nice wicker basket, then tie it all up with a big red bow. He’ll love it!

…. and if you really want to go the extra romantic mile? Throw in a pair of love-struck Marvin the Martian red and black boxers for good measure. Now that’s hot!