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Not Fashion, Not Beauty, BUT NECESSARY!!

1 Dec

While in my car today, driving home from my day of fun which others may call “work”, I had a brilliant idea for a blogpost. It may not sound like a big deal, but any thought process after a long day IS a big deal. I was thinking about the things that I need, I have, I love… that don’t really fall under any of the major categories–clothing, fashion, shoes, bags, accessories, makeup, skin care, or beauty products in general. But certain items are a must have for me. Some are things that still shows my style, my love of glam, and my glitter-ific personality. Some may be to help my day go smoother, some help me start calmer. They may not be things that apply to you but you’d be surprised how even a simple thing can let the world know you are casual and outgoing….and all while still being exceptional. An anomaly. A rockstar. A sassy, fierce individual who’s going above & beyond. Of course, glamour ombré lipstick and glitter gel eyeliner will cause heads to turn but how about a few other things to make them look and wonder. Or things that just make your day a little brighter, a little easier, a little more tolerable. Maybe things like:

1. A stunning cell phone case
2. A fragrant candle
3. A pen & pencil you like
4. A perfect manicure
5. A GOOD cup of coffee
6. A great cup to put it in
7. A cool key chain
8. A messy hair-day headband
9. A chic iPad cover
10. An old-school notebook

So, as you think about these random things that you may have never thought about before, I’ll share with you my selections for these somewhat common items that this Sassinista chose to embellish on:

1. Apple iPhone Zebra Shell on silicone case/black & hot pink
Jazzy style, cool design, hot colors. Definitely a case that says, “diva”! Since the major part of my day is on the phone, I am going to want to get some motivation, even if it’s just from the case!
(accessorygeeks.com, $12.99)

2. Better Homes & Garden jar candle in Candied Caramel Pecan
A nice, sweet scented candle that just gives the room a homey feel as you go about your day–at home or at work!
(Walmart, prices vary by store)

3. Pentel Icy Automatic Pencils & Pentel Energel Pearl Deluxe Retractable Gel Pen
They are pink, they are sleek, and they write damn good. Plus pink makes me smile.
(Walmart, prices vary by store)

4. To give yourself a perfect, easy, at home manicure, you need three things:
* A sticky base coat
* A long-lasting nail color
* A long-wearing, fast drying top coat
If you use these three products, you should only need a mani once a week. I suggest getting Orly Bonder Base Coat, OPI Nail Lacquer, and INM Out The Door Top Coat.
(Sally Beauty, prices vary & check for sales)

5. Dunkin Donuts Chocolate Glazed Donut Ground Coffee
If you perk or press your first cup of the day, this is a great flavor to have. Mix in different creamer flavors for some tasty creations.
(Most grocery markets, about $7.99)

6. “That Metal Show” oversized coffee mug
I get that this might not be for everyone, but this cup is my fave! I’m reminded of my love for heavy metal that this great show brings me. Mix in my morning cup of energy, and I can conquer the day!
(shop.VH1.com, $13.95)

7. High Heeled Shoe w/red bottom (Louboutin-looking)
With my love of shoes never a thought away, it only seemed appropriate I put one on my keys. It’s very noticeable & a great conversation piece. Plus it keeps my husband from taking my keys!
(amazon.com, many varieties to choose from)

8. Charming Charlie’s Epic Headbands
I loooooooove Charming Charlie! Such unique pieces when it come to accessories. I really love their headbands since the variety gives me many options to look at and try. Since looking sassy is how I roll, they give me so many choices for just that!
(charmingcharlie.com or a store near you, many sales going on now)

9. INSTEN 360-degree Swivel Leather Case For Apple iPad 2/3/4 (leopard design)
My life is my iPad. It’s my writing savior, it’s my note taker, it’s my main communicator. So, if I’m going to entrust it with my information, it needs to be protected. And this cover is perfect. The good news?… It’s chic, stylish and protects. The bad news?… It was a lot more expensive when I got it! You peeps are getting a great deal!
(walmart.com, $7.99)

10. Pierre Belvedere Letter Size Snap Portfolio in Fuchsia
Yes, people, there is a these here with black and white designs or hot pink and glitter accessories. This is no exception. As I writer, ideas come to at any time, any place, any situation. Don’t think I haven’t been in a one-size-does-not-fit-all doctor sheet writing notes about the epic manicure the nurse just did. Because times like this can happen anywhere, a great portfolio is good to have with me. Plus it holds papers, business cards and necessary writing instruments to keep my writing flowing smooth. The ipad is nice, but the written word is true and dominant to me. I like it.
(amazon.com, $25.50)

So, not every day has to be spent at luxury clothing store, a consignment shop, or at the makeup display of any and every cosmetic counter to look and feel great. Sometimes overlooked things for the busy, business professional female can still make you smile and give off that aura of, “Yeah, I rock!” And they make you smile when you see them or use them yourself. Take your sass-itude to a whole new level without breaking the bank… and add a little pizzazz in the process!

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Fashionista Must-Haves …. (that aren’t fashions)

13 Dec

SlingbacksBeing a fashionista isn’t easy. It can be fun, but it can also be very consuming. There is so much involved in the who, what, wears of the industry that it can almost feel like a full time job. Watching runway shows, collecting photos of new lines, hunting down hot sales, keeping track of who is in and who is out… there really is a lot of pressure involved. I know my husband–along with most men–are rolling their eyes right now, but you honestly don’t understand. Before you judge, you should walk a week in a fashionista’s shoes—and yes, by that I mean 5 inch Giuseppe Zanotti Striped Sling Back Pumps. So there.

In addition to having to carry a statement purse that holds all our stuff, the perfect combination of goodies in our makeup bag, the right shoes that match the right outfit at the right height for the right appearance, along with an array of other accessories that we might need while out, we also need things—at home and away—that keeps our chaotic lives running smooth. There are a few items which may seem simple to most but are life-saving must-haves to us self-proclaimed fashionistas. If the fun and frenzied road of glamour and fashion sounds appealing to you, on a personal or professional level, here are a few things that I have found are necessities to keeping yourself calm, cool, and collected. And they don’t require a prescription. Here is my list:

Large coffee pressLarge French Coffee Press: Between writing, mall hopping, and sale shopping, it is a given that I will need coffee at any given moment. Sometimes it is while I am on the couch writing my latest blog entry, sometimes it is as I’m flying out the door to hit a clearance sale at a local consignment shop. I think the easiest way to make coffee fast AND good is with a French press. It allows me to make a lot or a little, it is as fast, and I can select or mix up any flavor(s) I like. Scoop in your coffee, cover with boiling water, press it, done. Add my creamer flavor of choice (of course I have about five to select from at any given time, including International Delight’s Cold Stone Creamery Sweet Cream and Coffee-Mate’s Pecan Praline and off I go. Have coffee, must travel. Wait…cancel that. Have travels, must coffee. That’s better.
Sassy’s Pick: Mr. Coffee’s 8-cup Coffee Press; Bed Bath & Beyond, $9.99

SmallCoffeePressSmall French Coffee Press: Yeah, I know, you’re saying… “You just told me to buy a big one, why do I need a small one?” Oh, you silly thing! Now there are going to be the days when you need to take your coffee to the next level. You need to enjoy a tall frothy cup of goodness that will put you in a diva state a mind. That’s where the small press comes in to play. While your large press is brewing your favorite brand of beans, warm up your favorite flavor of creamer (about 1/3 cup) for about 30 seconds in the small press in your microwave. (Make sure your press is plastic.) Then raise and lower the press several times to “froth” the creamer. Fill your travel mug with half coffee, half creamer foam, sprinkle on some cinnamon, and you have yourself a tasty little latte to go. Even if you are staying in for the day, make one in your favorite mug and enjoy while you work. With the holiday season upon us, I like to use eggnog instead of creamer with a dusting of nutmeg. Yum….so tasty seasonal!
Sassy’s Pick: Bodum Brazil 3-Cup French Press Coffee Maker; Bed Bath & Beyond, $19.99

CellPhoneCaseA Smart Phone Like DUH!… this should be a given, right? Well from a person who does not like change, I can say it’s not. Up until a year ago, I had no smart phone. I had a pink cell phone that rang when I had a call, and hung up when I flipped it closed. That’s was it. And I was fine with that. I didn’t need to check my email once an hour. I didn’t have to change my Facebook status three times a day. I didn’t even know what Twitter was. Yeah, well, let me tell you: you want to become a fashionista who has goals set in stars? Then you need to be PLUGGED IN! In less than a year, I had an iPhone that included my three email addresses, my Facebook account to follow my favorite brands (such as Marshalls, Guess and L’Oreal) as well as my Facebook fan page, my Twitter account set up to notify me if any of my fave Tweeps (like @dkny and @TJMaxx) mention me in a Tweet, an Instagram account to take photos of my fashion finds, my blog editor, plus several other apps that keep me organized (phone contacts, datebook, grocery shopping list, Dunkin Donuts locator). Before I couldn’t think about what I would do with a Smart Phone. Now I honestly can’t think of what I’d do without mine. I sometimes forget that it is actually still a phone when it rings. I think maybe I have “talked” on it three times this week. That’s all.
Sassy’s Pick: Pink Girly Glitter Bow iPhone Case (hey, bling it up!); zazzle.com, $39.95

Velvet HangersVelvet Hangers: Okay, I know, this seems really random. But the fact is, whether you are a fashionista or just protective of your clothes, you really should invest a little money to make sure they stay neat and in their place. I have a lot of v-neck and scoop-neck tops, and they do not like to stay on plastic hangers. They end up falling off, getting on the dusty floor in my closet, or even forgotten behind a bunch of shoes. Velvet hangers are FAB to keep everything where they belong. Not only that, but I also love getting them in various colors to help me sort out different pieces: short sleeves on pink hangers, long sleeves on black hangers, lightweight sweaters on white hangers, cardigans on blue hangers, etc. They are not expensive, especially if you find them in a discount or home store. Trust me…. they will become your best closet friend!
Sassy’s Pick: Diva Velvet Hangers, pack of 10; TJ Maxx, $8.99

Okay, so being a fashionista goes beyond the clothes, the shoes and the bags. It goes beyond the bracelets and the earrings and the necklaces. It’s attitude. It’s commitment. And it also includes things that make your life easier. Even if fashion and glamour isn’t your thing, organization needs to happen no matter what you focus on during the course of your day. These few things that I find to be a necessity in my collection, you may end up falling in love with as well. But share with me…. what are your daily must haves that you can’t see yourself surviving without each day? Maybe your laptop, a tablet, your favorite gum? Share with me! Maybe it will be one of Sassy’s “must haves” too!