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Ten Day “You” Challenge – Day 3

2 Mar

I am so glad I am nearing the end of this challenge and will be getting back to writing about clothes, makeup, nails, fashions, glamour, skin care and the rest of the stuff that I love. This little challenge has made me think a bit. I guess that’s a good thing. I’ve thought of the places I dream to go, realized I don’t read enough, and other things. I hope this has made you reflect on yourself a bit. Made YOU do some thinking about you. Because you don’t need to think about me. You can just think of me when looking at lip glosses. Ha ha.

So today is day three, which is three films. Oh wow. This will be hard. When I love a movie, I REALLY love a movie. Especially this week because as I type this, a marathon is on the channel AMC. And what is that marathon for? Well, we’ll make that movie #1…

Three Films

    1. The Godfather – This movie actually has a funny story for me. When I began dating my husband, Mr. Sassy, (who is VERY Italian!), he was shocked that I had never seen this movie. In fact, he was so shocked that he insisted that before we went out on any more dates, I had to see it. So that weekend, he came over to my apartment with a pizza, some soda, and two movies: The Godfather and Clerks. Although Clerks is epic and on a cult-admiring level, The Godfather is one of THE best movies ever made. I fell in love with it that evening and I turn it on whenever it is on TV. This week celebrates it’s 40th anniversary so it is non-stop Godfather epics all week long. I’m thrilled. And I’m watching every one of them.

    2. Big – Released in 1988 with a still young Tom Hanks as the lead character, this movie became a favorite of mine almost immediately. I think part of the reason why was because when I went to see it, I had NO IDEA what it was about. I had gone with friends to see another movie, but it was sold out. We didn’t want to go home, so we just took tickets to the next movie that was starting that still had seats available. It was Big. It’s a fabulous fantasy story that is realistic enough that you hang on every scene. It’s believable, it’s funny, and it’s a must see for anyone who thinks they want to grow up too fast!

    3. The Breakfast Club – This is THE movie of my generation. I think everyone has seen this movie, and if they haven’t, they really should come out from under their rock. It is a reflection of high school, not just in the 80’s when the movie was made but even now. There is a character in the movie that everyone knows or relates to and you find yourself sitting with the young, famous actors and actresses like you are a part of their world for those 2 hours. It is one of a kind, never needed a sequel and will always be a favorite of my generation.

That was actually easier than I thought it would be. If I had to get into a list of four, five or six, it might get a bit more challenging. I am a huge fan of comedies, so movies like Sixteen Candles, Old School and Animal House are always a turn to when my mood is low and a good laugh is needed to remedy the blues. But if someone left me on a dessert island with three movies (and electricity and a DVD player), I wouldn’t be upset to have just those three I picked. They’d keep me entertained for a long time!