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Shopping Steal: Better Than Average Balm!

27 Mar

I am the first to admit it: I love lip products. Lipsticks, glosses, stains, balms, scrubs, you name it. I think nicely tended-to lips are sexy on a woman and should be paid attention to as much as your regular skin care. They need moisturizer, they need exfoliating, they need shine, they need color, and a nice flavor doesn’t hurt either. Finding the right products for your lips isn’t always easy either, and I think that’s why many of us end up with the bottomless pit of lip products in our cosmetic drawer at home–with more items we dislike than love. We’re always looking for THE one. I have finally reached the conclusion there is no “THE” one product. But there are a lot of good ones, and you have to find the one that is right for you.

Each day, the products I use on my lips vary. Sometimes it depends on what I’m wearing, where I am going, whether I need something super long lasting, whether I need something super moisturizing, it’s always different. At night, however, I want one thing: I want a rich, emollient lip balm with a nice light taste that will stay on from the time I go to bed till I get up in the morning. Simple, right? Wrong. I can’t find anything. I’ve tried $10 products, I’ve tried $1 products. I’ve tried simple Chapsticks. I’ve tried glossy balms. I’ve tried bags and bags of different things. They work, for a little bit, but then after a while the glory wears off and I’ll eventually wake up with dry chapped lips one morning.

…. till now.

The other day while at Walmart I saw a small display at the check out with little Mountain Dew cards all over it. On the cards was a soda bottle-shaped lip balm in Mountain Dew flavor.Okay, I’m not a HUGE soda lover, but oh I do love my Dew. It was soooo cute! Hmmm. Another balm to try and add to the collection? What the hell. I picked up the original flavored (they also had Mountain Dew Red, but I’m not that familiar with that), took it home and put it in my nightstand for my bedtime beauty routine. Well, I’ll be damned…. this is THE most moisturizing lip balm I think I’ve ever used. It’s not sticky, tastes uber fab, lasts all night, and keeps my lips super moisturized right up till morning! Oh.. and get this: it was on clearance. FOR 75 CENTS!

The closest thing I’ve used that has moisturized my lips this good was the EOS Egg which I really liked (and got at Walmart’s check out as well.) But… um… this was about $2.00 cheaper, tastes sweeter and works better! I don’t want to be a hoarder, but I will be picking up a few more of these and stashing them away because at 75 cents? You can’t beat that.

So there’s a shopping tip for the day: If you see the Mountain Dew Lip Balm while you are out and about? Keep in mind that Sassy thinks it is dew-tabulous!!!