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Ten Day “You” Challenge – Day 1 (Finally!!!)

16 Mar

I am done! What has it been… four months that I have been working on this ten item list? I can’t tell you how happy I am. Not that it is over. I mean, I really learned a lot about myself. But I honestly just want to get back to blogging about he things I love: makeup, fashion, glamour, jewelry, purses, shoes, hair, nails. Everything that makes Sassy who she is. Even recently, I have been seeing things I’ve wanted to take pictures of or write about and realized I couldn’t until this challenge was done.

Now, the day is here.


    Some of the challenges say that the one photo has to be of me. I hate getting my picture taken. The more “posed” I am, the more self self-conscious I become and over think how I should look. (I watch too much “America’s Top Model” I think). Sometimes my semi-candid photos are the best. But to pick a photo to be my ONE PHOTO… well, I could only think of one. It was the happiest day of my life, with the people I love the most. Honestly, it was a no brainer:

    This is me, Sassy, on my wedding day, when I married my wonderful husband and soul mate, Mr. Sassy, and my two beautiful children who were the best flower girl and ring bearer ever–Kayla, then almost four and Jonathan, then almost six. It was a dream come true that day. Everything was perfect. And we had so much fun.

    Fourteen fabulous years later, things aren’t much different. We are still as happy as we were were on that day, if not more. The love continues to grow by the second–as well as the kids. Our daughter is preparing for her Senior Ball and will be graduating in June. Our son is attending college for math and computers and has become a man right before our eyes. I really am not sure when it all happened. One minute they were wearing ruffled socks and little tuxedos and now they are thinking about their future. Time moves too fast. It really does.

So there we have it people, my Ten Day “You” Challenge. Everything you wanted to know about me from which concerts I long to see to foods I absolutely love. Now it is time to move on to bigger and better things. A blog about everything fun, chic and girly. Sometimes we’ll have a “tea party” and dish on men a little bit or even gossip a tad. Other times you might just get a photo of something I’ve seen and LOVE or even new products that I’ve tried and loved–or hated. You get honesty here folks. I’m nor promoting anything (yet!)so you want the REAL scoop from a REAL person…. you’ll find it here.

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Plus, don’t be surprised if you see me go bigger this year. I’m debating locking in my own domain name. Because really….. IS there another Sassy Auburn? (low English chuckle)…. Ha!, I think not.

So you ready everybody? Let’s get ready fashionistas! It’s game one!