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Sassy’s Glamour Tip of the Day….

25 Mar

Here is Sassy’s glamour tip of the day:

When you use your hairspray (pump or aerosol), always make sure you run the nozzle under a stream of hot water before you replace the cap and put it away. You do keep the caps, don’t you??????

This will keep your hairspray nozzle open and unclogged and won’t waste your time to get it working the next time you use it. You always want to make sure you replace the cap as well because the slight stickiness from the hairspray will beginning collecting dust instantly and make it clog even faster.

DON’T HAVE A CLOGGED NOZZLE!! Keep your hairspray container free of gack so it will spray easily and smoothly each time you need it!

There you go fashionistas!! Spray on!!